I like stuff.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Cleaning house.

So I watched "The Usual Suspects" tonight when I came home.

One line really spoke to me: "And then....like that......he was gone."

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

still keeping it simple.

So if you read into most of last week's posts, you might've noticed my
abortive attempt at the Atkins diet.

Made it six days before my cynicism kicked in and I went back to re-read
everything I'd researched before reaching the epiphany of : "Holy shit, most
of these people are just making shit up!"

(witness at least one article that said "Humans can't digest wheat products,
that's why we gain so much weight from them." Whoooooaaaa......wait a
second. If we can't digest it, it'd be like grazing off someone's lawn: It'd
just pass through us.)

Ok, so don't get me started. I feel shamed enough as it is.

So tonight's dinner was pretty simple. Gave the salad spinner a run and
cleaned off a head of iceberg lettuce. Add a bit of that to some whole-grain
breat, a little mustard, a little mayo, some sliced tomatoes, a piece of
ham. Wait. Need cheese. Shit. No cheese. Well, I've got some velveeta. Yuck.
Went with it anyway.

So I diced up the remaining tomato and had me ham sandwich and with that and
about a 1/4 cup of cottage cheese.

I'm going to get healthy even if it kills me.*


*chances are having to resort to velveeta is going to cause more permanent
damage than anything else. Probably better just to skip the cheese next time
if I can't do better than that.