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Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009: Good evening, farewell.

If you know me, there's a good chance you've heard me say that I can't wait for 2009 to end. Been a bad year, but it was just a few days ago that I realized something larger: it's been a lousy decade.

10 years ago, I was sitting in my craptastic apartment, watching the news, waiting to see if the Y2K meltdown would happen. If you're reading this, clearly you survived.

I entered the new millennia with fresh scars of having been with my mother when she passed a couple weeks before. Sat there in my apartment and the thought hit me "Hey, maybe she wasn't destined to see the 21st century."

The Y2k meltdown didn't come. I wonder if I've been waiting for it all this time.

I saw planes fly into buildings. I saw my life get upended several times. I saw my country get worse, and then better, and then worse, and then better, I think. Saw liberty get bogged down in 3 ounce bottles of liquids. Saw my government get choked in appeasing a group of people that readily accept the name "Tea Baggers"

I saw the death of $deity

In five years, maybe I'll get to look back at 2009 and say "Hey, that was the year I got things under control". Or maybe I'll look back and say "That year was a mess. Glad I survived it."

You, I hope you're doing well. Be awesome.

Goodbye, 2009.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Calling it a year.


ok, I get it.

Second time today I saw some Star Wars reference that made me laugh. I'm on vacation, so I'll watch New Hope tomorrow or something. Geez.

I think I linked this one previously, but hey, still good.


So, as regular readers know, I've been trying to get into better shape. Lost a fair amount of weight this year, and some people say "Hey, what's your secret?"

Well, now that the year is coming to a close, let me tell you

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Let's take another look at Mint.com

The cusp of a new year, a revised mint.com privacy policy. Gotta be better, right? Er, maybe.

Not trying to be unfair, this is from the privacy page as of 12/27/2009.

Once again, same as the first, a little bit better, and a little bit worse:

We provide bank-level security.
Mint.com uses 128-bit SSL encryption and 24/7 physical security.
(transiit: that'd be between you and them. Between them and your bank, hey who knows? Remember in 1997 when you could download the advanced 128-bit SSL version of Netscape Navigator (if you lived in the right country, thank you, munitions export guidelines) That's right, bank-level security. From last decade.

You cannot move money.
Mint.com is a read-only service, no transfers are possible — in or out.

(transiit: As long as your financial institution doesn't support that. But it won't be through mint, they leave that blame elsewhere.)

You register anonymously.
We don’t need your name or any personally identifiable info.

(transiit: I covered this before. You're totally anonymous as long as you give us all your bank account info.)

Our alerts increase your financial security.
We notify you of possible fraudulent transactions on all accounts.

(transiit: We, um, noticed, that we f#@#ed up. States like California require us to tell you these things. We're going to call it a "feature". Because we couldn't totally be data-mining all of your transactions to build a up a profile where something would seem to be fraudulent. Remember, we tell you you are anonymous. So we just email you when we have to live up to data-breach regulations.)

Mint provides bank-level data security for the transaction information we store.

* Mint.com uses 128-bit SSL encryption, the industry standard for data protection, to ensure that all communications are secure.
* We store transaction information in a secure facility, on our own servers, protected by 24/7 security guards and biometric scanners.
* All our employees pass financial and criminal background checks as a condition of employment.
* Mint.com has received the VeriSign security seal and is tested daily by Hackersafe.
* Our privacy protection standards are certified by TRUSTe.
* Our anti-phishing protection is provided by RSA Security, Inc.

(transiit: 128-bit encryption again. See above. "We store in a secure facility. On our own servers. Securely. With Security and s@$@" Remember, you were anonymous one point ago. They didn't have information to worry about. Now, round the clock protection and scanners that the average security enthusiast ("Woo! Biometric. Turns out my knife takes your thumb or eyeball, how are you going to change your credentials now?") is not very enthusiastic about. But you know, companies. Verisign likes us. TRUSTe likes us. RSA accepts our checks.)

You cannot move money with Mint.
Mint.com offers valuable insights and analytic tools to help you better understand your money…but Mint.com is a "read only" service. Meaning: you can view and organize your money with Mint.com, but you cannot move money between—or out of—your bank, credit union or credit card accounts.
You register anonymously— we don’t need your name or any personally identifiable info.

(transiit: My bank account login is "personally identifiable information". If you've got that, you can move money. Saying it isn't, kinda stinks of the horses$$$)

* All you need to use Mint.com is a valid email address, password and zip code. We don’t need your name or any personally identifiable info.
* We ask for your online banking user name and passwords so that we can connect securely to your financial institutions
* Your online banking credentials are stored securely so that Mint.com can automatically update your transactions— saving you from updating, syncing or uploading financial information manually.

(transiit: repetition. see above)

Mint alerts can increase your financial security.
Mint.com provides 24/7 protection through proactive email and text alerts to to notify you about any large purchases or unusual charges in your accounts. We let you know what’s happening and when, so you’ll be able to react quickly to recover your personal finances, credit score and identity and avoid any potential damage.

(transiit: repetition. see above)

Well, they seemed to have changed it. They seem more conscious of their claims. Still wrong, but new words gotta mean something, right?

(I've mentioned them before)

It was said on the last post that this is a security/convenience trade-off. I don't agree with that. Going for convenience to me means knowing that you could kick in my front door (doorjam ain't that sturdy) or use a bump key and bypass most locks. Yeah, you could get in if you were sufficiently motivated. My security comes from the likelihood that someone that wanted to get in for nefarious purposes would rather choose an easier/higher value target. The low-hanging fruit. Could build myself some sort of high-security vault instead, I suppose. That's security vs. convenience to me. Handing over a password so I can track my finances, seriously, why is this still even a question?

Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy day after yesterday.

Holiday Brothers.

Good times were had.

This is my friendly neighbor cat.

We're friends. I pet it. It acts like I'll be its best friend ever.

It's getting bolder. Now follows me up to my door when I walk inside.

What was the age old wisdom of good cats? Don't seek one out, trust the one that picks you?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Quote of the day

Them: "Yeah, but this was back in the 80's, when it was still OK to drink and drive."
Me: "Clearly. Until that fateful day in 1989 when it suddenly became dangerous."

Monday, December 21, 2009


Internet Fun Day is coming.

If you want in, let me know and I can set you up to be part of it.

clicky, clicky

I know, I know

it's long. it's potentially dull.

I think you should read it anyway

Thank you, goodnight.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Can I hate the Catholic church yet?

Seriously, the members as individuals, probably decent folk. But the church as an institution, stop being dumb.


Friday, December 18, 2009


May 4, 2009

December 18, 2009

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Most Absurd Conversation Ever: "Lick the Bacon Whore" (slightly trimmed)

(amazingly, the bulk of this was just a bit over half an hour)

7:44:25 PM poolnoodl: wank?
7:44:30 PM ImagineBGP: WANK
7:44:40 PM Diskgrinder: waaaaannnnnnnkkkkk
7:44:50 PM Pilot: O_O
7:44:53 PM Pilot: right then
7:44:56 PM poolnoodl: fine, i'll have a wank.
7:45:08 PM Diskgrinder: have a tug too
7:45:13 PM Pilot: last one to the energizer room 's wanker
7:45:41 PM ImagineBGP: btw, there is a kid in the room. Just sayin. Do as you will.
7:46:11 PM Diskgrinder: I'm a wanker anyway, does that mean I can dawdle to the energy room?
7:46:15 PM ImagineBGP: I doubt we've shocked him yet though =8-)
7:46:16 PM poolnoodl: i'm sure he's had a wank before.
7:46:54 PM Diskgrinder: I'm good at wanking, I have a DVD out - wanks for the memory, available on iTunes
7:47:28 PM ImagineBGP: I liked you as an eyeball better.
7:47:47 PM Pilot: i hear "the good, the bad, and the wanker" was good also
7:47:56 PM ImagineBGP: I saw that movie!
7:48:33 PM Pilot: although if i see westerns i prefer comedy westerns, like "Blazing Wankers"
7:48:38 PM ImagineBGP: VP, can you think of the perfect comment to get this thing uplifted a bit?
7:48:53 PM vp: I'm sorry. I'm not paying attention.
7:48:56 PM vp: dragging/dropping.
7:48:58 PM transiit: imagine: a wank too far?
7:49:20 PM Diskgrinder: My fasvourite film is "Hidden dragon croching wank"
7:49:27 PM Jecka: and I return, slightly cleaner than before
7:49:32 PM Pilot: subtitles ftw
7:49:35 PM ImagineBGP: thinking about how to formulate an answer
7:49:41 PM vp: hidden dragon crotching wank.
7:49:57 PM Diskgrinder: One wanked over the cuckoo's nest
7:50:02 PM Pilot: the book was better
7:50:05 PM ImagineBGP: gone with the wank?
7:50:06 PM transiit: wank in sixty seconds
7:50:17 PM Diskgrinder: LOL LOL LOL
7:50:18 PM transiit: wankers of the carribbean?
7:50:18 PM ImagineBGP: bridge over the river wank
7:50:23 PM transiit: citizen wank
7:50:27 PM transiit: dr strangewank
7:50:27 PM Pilot: Wankin' in the rain? or was it Singin' in the Wank?
7:50:32 PM Diskgrinder: LOLity LOL
7:50:36 PM ImagineBGP: transliit! best
7:50:39 PM transiit: full metal wank
7:50:44 PM poolnoodl: Willa Wanka
7:50:45 PM Pilot: ah kubrick
7:50:48 PM Jecka: four wankers and a funeral
7:50:49 PM poolnoodl: Willy Wanka
7:50:55 PM whytheam: the ice cream was awesome
7:50:57 PM ImagineBGP: jecka!
7:50:58 PM transiit: the wizard of wank
7:51:02 PM Jecka: hi!
7:51:02 PM Pilot: 2001: A Wank Oddessy
7:51:04 PM wecontact: The Search for the Holy Wank?
7:51:07 PM ImagineBGP: wished I had icecream
7:51:10 PM Diskgrinder: A wank too far
7:51:13 PM Pilot: (spelling FTL)
7:51:15 PM transiit: the wanking fields
7:51:15 PM poolnoodl: Harry Wanker and the Chamber of Secrets.
7:51:28 PM transiit: an officer and a wank
7:51:31 PM transiit: on wanking pond
7:51:34 PM Jecka: The Wank Horror Picture Show
7:51:36 PM Pilot: wankspotting
7:51:37 PM ImagineBGP: a wank and a gentleman
7:51:37 PM Diskgrinder: The wank supremacy
7:51:40 PM Jecka: Office Wank
7:51:42 PM consumatron: wankenstein
7:51:46 PM Diskgrinder: The wank ultmatum
7:51:47 PM transiit: young wankenstein
7:51:48 PM Pilot: young wankenstein
7:51:50 PM Jecka: or, Wank Space
7:51:50 PM Pilot: ah
7:51:55 PM transiit: blazing wankers
7:52:06 PM ImagineBGP: 2001 a Wank Oddesy
7:52:06 PM Jecka: The Wank Element
7:52:07 PM transiit: history of the wank, volume one
7:52:09 PM Pilot: that one was up there already transiit ;)
7:52:17 PM Pilot: wankballs ?
7:52:17 PM wecontact: Wank Wars?
7:52:23 PM wecontact: was that one done?
7:52:25 PM Pilot: The Wankers?
7:52:25 PM poolnoodl: Wankmando?
7:52:26 PM transiit: the wank strikes back
7:52:30 PM transiit: return of the wank
7:52:33 PM transiit: the phantom wank
7:52:36 PM Pilot: A New Wank
7:52:36 PM transiit: attack of the wankers
7:52:38 PM poolnoodl: Grand Theft Wank?
7:52:41 PM ImagineBGP: Return of the Pink Wank
7:52:43 PM transiit: joe vs the wank
7:52:43 PM consumatron: wank: first blood
7:52:43 PM Pilot: IV
7:52:43 PM ImagineBGP: ewwww
7:52:45 PM Diskgrinder: A wanker and a gentleman
7:52:50 PM wecontact: done already
7:52:51 PM Jecka: King Wank
7:52:51 PM vp: heehee.
7:52:56 PM poolnoodl: The Wankfather
7:53:02 PM transiit: wankface
7:53:05 PM transiit: good wankers
7:53:06 PM wecontact: Mickey Blue Wank
7:53:06 PM poolnoodl: Wank Wars
7:53:06 PM Jecka: Father of the Wank
7:53:08 PM Pilot: The Wankfather Pts II & II
7:53:10 PM Pilot: III
7:53:10 PM Jecka: Face-Wank
7:53:11 PM whytheam: >:-o You don't make any sense!
7:53:14 PM ImagineBGP: Wanker Wanker Wanker (tora tora tora)
7:53:14 PM Diskgrinder: Good will wanking
7:53:15 PM Jecka: or
7:53:17 PM Jecka: Wank-Off
7:53:23 PM wecontact: Wankplane
7:53:23 PM transiit: good wank hunting
7:53:31 PM wecontact: A Beautiful Wank
7:53:35 PM transiit: wank of the damned
7:53:37 PM Jsar: Wankvita
7:53:37 PM poolnoodl: Das Wank?
7:53:38 PM wecontact: hahah
7:53:42 PM Jecka: The Secret Wank
7:53:44 PM consumatron: wanks on a plane
7:53:45 PM poolnoodl: Night of the Living Wank
7:53:49 PM Diskgrinder: ha ha ha LOL LOL LOL
7:53:49 PM Jecka: or
7:53:49 PM Pilot: La Dolce Wank
7:53:51 PM Jecka: The Wank Garden
7:53:53 PM wecontact: hurrrray ctron
7:53:57 PM transiit: secrets of a wanker
7:54:00 PM Pilot: The Bicycle Wank
7:54:00 PM Diskgrinder: The English Wanker
7:54:03 PM wecontact: this is wonderfully inane
7:54:08 PM ImagineBGP: redundant
7:54:09 PM transiit: Wankers: A love story
7:54:10 PM Jecka: The Little Wanker
7:54:10 PM Jsar: *clapping*
7:54:17 PM Jecka: Beauty and the Wank
7:54:20 PM transiit: The Evil Wank
7:54:21 PM poolnoodl: The Wank with Ze Frank?
7:54:24 PM Pilot: Wankerella
7:54:25 PM transiit: Army of Wankers
7:54:25 PM Jecka: ha!
7:54:30 PM wecontact: Snow Wank
7:54:33 PM Jecka: Wankzilla
7:54:40 PM Jecka: Snow White and the Seven Wanks
7:54:41 PM Pilot: Cloverwank
7:54:43 PM transiit: Three wankers and a baby
7:54:46 PM Jsar: Wanktatouille
7:54:50 PM wecontact: I Am Wank
7:54:51 PM Diskgrinder: I am laughing my ass off
7:54:54 PM Jecka: Wankville
7:54:56 PM Pilot: 3 weddings and a wank
7:55:00 PM transiit: Falling Wank
7:55:00 PM ImagineBGP: done already
7:55:02 PM poolnoodl: The Sound of Wank
7:55:03 PM Diskgrinder: LOL
7:55:03 PM Pilot: Finding Wank
7:55:06 PM wecontact: Look Who's Wanking Now
7:55:06 PM Jecka: Matt, I did that, and you did it wrong
7:55:16 PM Jecka: it's 4 Weddings and a Funeral, not 3
7:55:17 PM Jecka: :P
7:55:18 PM Pilot: 3 wanks and a funeral?
7:55:23 PM Pilot: whatever
7:55:26 PM Jecka: fail.
7:55:28 PM Diskgrinder: Casawanka
7:55:29 PM Jecka: ;)
7:55:29 PM transiit: wankass
7:55:30 PM Pilot: i never saw it anyhow
7:55:34 PM Jecka: nor have I
7:55:35 PM poolnoodl: Wankenstein
7:55:41 PM ImagineBGP: done already
7:55:41 PM transiit: I am wanker
7:55:43 PM Jsar: Wankula
7:55:47 PM Pilot: Omega Wanker
7:55:47 PM consumatron: wanking arizona
7:55:51 PM whytheam: You make me so angry!
7:55:54 PM Pilot: Wank
7:55:55 PM ImagineBGP: ctron good one
7:55:55 PM transiit: There will be wanking
7:55:56 PM Jecka: Pan's Wank
7:56:01 PM wecontact: Eight-legged Wanks
7:56:09 PM ImagineBGP: transiit yer killing me
7:56:11 PM Diskgrinder: No country for old wankers
7:56:11 PM Pilot: Resident Wank
7:56:11 PM ImagineBGP: lol lol
7:56:15 PM poolnoodl: WankerCop.
7:56:15 PM wecontact: hahahahaha
7:56:21 PM Pilot: There Will Be Wank?
7:56:24 PM transiit: RoboWank
7:56:25 PM Jsar: The Wanker's Guide to the Galaxy
7:56:26 PM Jecka: I like RoboWank better, noodl
7:56:29 PM poolnoodl: Dude, Where's My Wank?
7:56:29 PM wecontact: Boondock Wankers
7:56:29 PM Jecka: hah,
7:56:36 PM Jecka: lol, noodl
7:56:36 PM consumatron: wank hard
7:56:38 PM transiit: Wank Club
7:56:38 PM ImagineBGP: noodl good one
7:56:41 PM Pilot: Harold and Kumar go to Wank
7:56:50 PM poolnoodl: Wank Castle
7:56:54 PM Jsar: rofl
7:56:54 PM Jecka: Schindler's Wank
7:56:57 PM Diskgrinder: wank hard!!!!!!!! priceless!
7:57:03 PM Pilot: Wank Park
7:57:03 PM Pilot: Jurassic Wank
7:57:05 PM whytheam: Wank plane?
7:57:12 PM ImagineBGP: Wank on a plane
7:57:12 PM Jecka: done already
7:57:13 PM Pilot: Wankplane 2
7:57:19 PM whytheam: damn
7:57:20 PM Jecka: done already, susan
7:57:20 PM Diskgrinder: Wanks on a plane
7:57:25 PM ImagineBGP: bah
7:57:27 PM Jsar: Mr. Smith Goes to Wank-town
7:57:27 PM transiit: wankiocracy
7:57:30 PM Jecka: same to you, diskgrinder
7:57:33 PM transiit: It's a wonderful wank
7:57:35 PM Pilot: Get these motherfucking wanks, of this motherfucking plane!
7:57:35 PM Jecka: Mr. and Mrs. Wank
7:57:35 PM ImagineBGP: dg thats thrice
7:57:39 PM whytheam: Star Trek Wank
7:57:44 PM transiit: Wank Trek
7:57:48 PM Pilot: Wank Trek II
7:57:51 PM Pilot: The wrath of Wank
7:57:53 PM ImagineBGP: Just Star Wank
7:57:59 PM Jecka: Nancy Wank
7:58:03 PM Jsar: Wnak the Line
7:58:03 PM Diskgrinder: Satr wars: the wankers strike back
7:58:04 PM whytheam: Tom Wanks
7:58:04 PM Pilot: The Hardy Wanks
7:58:05 PM consumatron: wankcoach
7:58:10 PM Jecka: Little Wankers
7:58:13 PM transiit: fellowship of the wank
7:58:17 PM Jecka: Wank Machine
7:58:17 PM transiit: the two wanks
7:58:19 PM wecontact: Heavywanks
7:58:20 PM consumatron: the man who wanked liberty valence
7:58:25 PM transiit: the man with two wanks
7:58:26 PM poolnoodl: The Wanks of Rath
7:58:30 PM Diskgrinder: The little wankers on the prairie
7:58:32 PM Pilot: The Sorcerers Wank
7:58:34 PM ImagineBGP: ctron. excellent
7:58:34 PM Jecka: Superwank
7:58:38 PM Diskgrinder: Lord of the wanks
7:58:41 PM transiit: W for Wanketta
7:58:42 PM wecontact: Wank Girl
7:58:46 PM Jecka: hah!
7:58:47 PM Pilot: W
7:58:57 PM transiit: Hellwank
7:58:57 PM Jecka: Wank-Men
7:58:58 PM Jecka: or
7:58:59 PM transiit: Wanking begins
7:59:00 PM Jecka: X-Wank
7:59:03 PM Pilot: The Fantastic Wank
7:59:10 PM Pilot: Day of the Wankers
7:59:11 PM consumatron: horton wanks a who
7:59:16 PM Jecka: Brokeback Wankers
7:59:16 PM poolnoodl: lol
7:59:16 PM Diskgrinder: Citizen Wank
7:59:18 PM ImagineBGP: good again ctron
7:59:19 PM Pilot: Wanks
7:59:20 PM transiit: 28 wanks later
7:59:27 PM Jsar: Wanking Nemo
7:59:30 PM poolnoodl: The Wank in the Hat
7:59:34 PM Jecka: aaah, jsar
7:59:34 PM Diskgrinder: I'm dying
7:59:38 PM Pilot: Toy Wank I & II
7:59:38 PM whytheam: wank - e
7:59:38 PM transiit: wanking zoe
7:59:41 PM transiit: the ninth wank
7:59:41 PM consumatron: transiit: :-d
7:59:43 PM ImagineBGP: jsar - good
7:59:46 PM Jecka: Saving Private Wanker
7:59:48 PM Pilot: The 5th Wank
7:59:48 PM Diskgrinder: Wankers, inc
7:59:54 PM Jecka: 60 Wankers
7:59:56 PM whytheam: the wank men
7:59:59 PM transiit: minority wank
8:00:02 PM transiit: kentucky fried wank
8:00:03 PM consumatron: nowhere to wank
8:00:04 PM transiit: wank thing
8:00:04 PM Pilot: Wank in Black
8:00:07 PM poolnoodl: 12 Angry Wankers
8:00:07 PM transiit: surf wanks must die
8:00:08 PM Diskgrinder: Star Wanks
8:00:12 PM whytheam: wank hour
8:00:14 PM Jecka: Sidewank
8:00:14 PM ImagineBGP: noodl!
8:00:17 PM poolnoodl: THX-Wank
8:00:26 PM whytheam: pixwank
8:00:38 PM transiit: wankbusters
8:00:43 PM transiit: wank bandits
8:00:45 PM Pilot: King of Wank: A Fist Full of Wanks
8:00:45 PM whytheam: wankweek
8:00:49 PM poolnoodl: Who Wanked Roger Rabbit
8:00:55 PM Jecka: Final Fantasy: Wanker Children
8:00:55 PM Pilot: good one
8:00:56 PM Diskgrinder: The Big Wank
8:01:00 PM consumatron: school of wank
8:01:05 PM Pilot: Mary Wankens
8:01:09 PM transiit: grosse pointe wank
8:01:11 PM vp: you guys are awesome.
8:01:14 PM Jsar: Big Wanking in Little China
8:01:18 PM poolnoodl: lol
8:01:20 PM Pilot: :D
8:01:24 PM Jecka: Wanky Darko
8:01:29 PM Pilot: Wanktown
8:01:34 PM consumatron: wank hur
8:01:41 PM Diskgrinder: Once upon a wank in america
8:01:41 PM Jecka: haha, consumatron
8:01:47 PM Pilot: Wankie Hall
8:01:48 PM transiit: The Wank
8:01:50 PM Jecka: White Men Can't Wank
8:01:52 PM transiit: The Wank Reloaded
8:01:55 PM transiit: The Wank Revolutions
8:01:56 PM poolnoodl: Saturday Wank Fever
8:01:57 PM consumatron: jecka: hahah
8:01:58 PM ImagineBGP: jess!
8:02:00 PM Pilot: Dirty Wanking
8:02:07 PM Jecka: *bows*
8:02:09 PM whytheam: Wank Hour ||
8:02:20 PM transiit: The Wanking Movie
8:02:20 PM consumatron: wanking for bobby fisher
8:02:22 PM Pilot: The Lethal Wank
8:02:25 PM Diskgrinder: Whoever did "white me can't wank" is a genius
8:02:25 PM Jecka: My Best Friend's Wanker
8:02:25 PM Pilot: Wankface
8:02:26 PM transiit: The Great Wanking Caper
8:02:26 PM poolnoodl: The Wankinator
8:02:29 PM transiit: Wanking Takes Manhatten
8:02:34 PM Jecka: thanks, diskgrinder :)
8:02:39 PM transiit: Wanking Treasure Island
8:02:43 PM transiit: Wanking in Space
8:02:50 PM poolnoodl: Do the Wank Thing
8:02:52 PM ImagineBGP: Mutiny on the Wanker
8:02:55 PM Diskgrinder: Wankeratu
8:03:00 PM Jecka: Wanking Zivago (spelling?)
8:03:03 PM ImagineBGP: wanker on the bounty
8:03:05 PM poolnoodl: She's Gotta Wank It
8:03:07 PM transiit: (zhivago)
8:03:10 PM Jsar: Wanklien: In Space, no one can hear you wank.
8:03:14 PM whytheam: WankHF
8:03:18 PM consumatron: noodl :)
8:03:21 PM ImagineBGP: jsar - lol
8:03:22 PM transiit: Wank Up 2: Back on the streets
8:03:30 PM Pilot: 2001: A Wank Odyssey
8:03:33 PM Diskgrinder: Dirty wanking
8:03:37 PM poolnoodl: Wankle Fever
8:03:38 PM Jecka: When Harry Wanked Sally
8:03:43 PM ImagineBGP: we are repeating alot now.
8:03:50 PM whytheam: Marie Wankings
8:03:50 PM consumatron: wanked in america
8:03:50 PM Pilot: Wanking in Seattle
8:03:53 PM ImagineBGP: but jess, that was perfect
8:04:00 PM Jecka: hah, thanks
8:04:02 PM whytheam: Super Wank me
8:04:07 PM poolnoodl: Wank/Off
8:04:10 PM transiit: Fast Wank Nation
8:04:11 PM consumatron: wank the dog
8:04:17 PM Diskgrinder: "wanking in seattle" pure!!
8:04:18 PM transiit: Who Killed the Electric Wank?
8:04:18 PM Jecka: Wankerfield
8:04:19 PM ImagineBGP: ctron
8:04:26 PM Pilot: Wanko
8:04:26 PM Jsar: ctron
8:04:30 PM poolnoodl: Wankocracy
8:04:36 PM Pilot: Wankenheight 9/11
8:04:44 PM poolnoodl: The Spy Who Wanked Me
8:04:44 PM Pilot: Wank & Me
8:04:45 PM transiit: Bowling for Wank
8:04:47 PM Jecka: whoever did Wank/Off - I did that already
8:04:49 PM ImagineBGP: noodl
8:04:49 PM poolnoodl: Goldwanker
8:04:49 PM consumatron: wanker's crossing
8:04:49 PM Pilot: International Man of Wank
8:04:51 PM whytheam: Wank Bulers Day Off
8:04:55 PM Diskgrinder: OK, now do obscure art films
8:04:58 PM ImagineBGP: ferris bulers wank off
8:05:03 PM Pilot: From Russia with Wank
8:05:03 PM Jecka: Apt Wanker
8:05:04 PM transiit: City of Lost Wankers
8:05:07 PM Jsar: Run Wanker Run
8:05:09 PM Diskgrinder: Wankerville
8:05:14 PM Pilot: Die Another Wank
8:05:18 PM poolnoodl: Wank Runner
8:05:20 PM Pilot: Wank Royal
8:05:24 PM Jecka: The Wank After Tomorrow
8:05:24 PM Diskgrinder: Wank's Labyrinth
8:05:26 PM transiit: North By Northwank
8:05:27 PM whytheam: Wank Wank Wank
8:05:28 PM Pilot: Wank Runner: The Final Cut
8:05:28 PM ImagineBGP: Royal Wank
8:05:30 PM Pilot: Final Wnak*
8:05:31 PM consumatron: sweet wank
8:05:32 PM Jecka: done, diskgrinder
8:05:35 PM poolnoodl: The Royal Wankenbaums
8:05:37 PM Jsar: Last Wank in Paris
8:05:38 PM whytheam: Wankolat
8:05:41 PM Pilot: The Darjeeling Wank
8:05:42 PM transiit: 40 year old wank
8:05:49 PM poolnoodl: 8 Year Wank
8:05:51 PM ImagineBGP: he he he transiit
8:05:52 PM Pilot: Wank Zissu
8:05:53 PM Jecka: Wank the Universe
8:05:56 PM Diskgrinder: The royal wankenbaums!!!! gold!
8:05:58 PM Pilot: Wanked Up
8:06:18 PM Pilot: 39 Wanks
8:06:24 PM poolnoodl: Wank to the Future
8:06:28 PM Diskgrinder: The magnificent wankers
8:06:30 PM whytheam: Popeye The wanker man
8:06:36 PM ImagineBGP: and all these grown upw will go to work and act all professional tomorrow. Excellent
8:06:38 PM Pilot: North by Northwank
8:06:47 PM Pilot: isn't it great?
8:06:51 PM ImagineBGP: nice one DG
8:06:56 PM Jecka: Wedding Wankers
8:06:58 PM consumatron: wank of the sierra madre
8:06:59 PM Diskgrinder: Having top fun
8:07:00 PM ImagineBGP: it is great
8:07:03 PM consumatron: the big wank
8:07:06 PM Pilot: His Girl Wank
8:07:14 PM Jecka: Transwankers
8:07:20 PM Pilot: done
8:07:20 PM Jecka: ;)
8:07:21 PM Pilot: :P
8:07:22 PM whytheam: Orange County Wank
8:07:22 PM Jsar: It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Wank
8:07:27 PM ImagineBGP: excellent jecka
8:07:30 PM poolnoodl: The Brave Little Wanker
8:07:30 PM Pilot: Wank Race
8:07:32 PM whytheam: Wank Race
8:07:36 PM Jecka: haha
8:07:39 PM transiit: wank city
8:07:42 PM ImagineBGP: the little wanker that could
8:07:43 PM Diskgrinder: OK, can we stop soon, because I am seriously having an aneurysm
8:07:44 PM Jsar: 10 Little Wankers
8:07:48 PM consumatron: a wank called wanda
8:07:50 PM Jecka: lol
8:07:54 PM Jecka: haha, ctron
8:07:55 PM Pilot: Escape from WanK
8:07:55 PM transiit: Escape from New Wank
8:08:09 PM Pilot: Escape from Los Wank
8:08:12 PM Diskgrinder: Dr. Wank
8:08:14 PM poolnoodl: The Shawwank Redemption
8:08:16 PM transiit: requiem for a wank
8:08:16 PM Diskgrinder: Goldenwank
8:08:19 PM consumatron: noodl
8:08:22 PM poolnoodl: Wank Fiction
8:08:25 PM Pilot: Silence of the Wanks
8:08:25 PM Jecka: Wank Side Story
8:08:32 PM transiit: I, Wanker
8:08:34 PM poolnoodl: Rear Wanker
8:08:34 PM Diskgrinder: Resevoir wankers
8:08:38 PM Jecka: Wank Runnings
8:08:42 PM ImagineBGP: transiit
8:08:47 PM Diskgrinder: Wank Bill II
8:08:52 PM Pilot: Jackie Wank
8:08:54 PM consumatron: how stella got her wank back
8:08:54 PM poolnoodl: is it good to have your name typed or not?
8:08:56 PM ImagineBGP: DG well done
8:09:03 PM Jecka: Brady Wank: The Movie
8:09:17 PM poolnoodl: No Country for Old Wanks
8:09:17 PM ImagineBGP: good!
8:09:18 PM transiit: Grindhouse Present: Planet Wanker w/ Wank Proof
8:09:22 PM ImagineBGP: it is praise!
8:09:27 PM Pilot: The Four Wanks
8:09:35 PM Jecka: Wanking with Scissors
8:09:35 PM poolnoodl: A Clockwank Orange
8:09:37 PM whytheam: wank men 2
8:09:40 PM transiit: Save the Last Wank
8:09:41 PM Pilot: Edward Wanker Hands
8:09:52 PM poolnoodl: Eternal Sunshine of the Wankless Mind
8:09:54 PM Jecka: Hairwank
8:09:56 PM Jsar: What's wanking gilbert grape?
8:09:56 PM Diskgrinder: I want it to stop but you guys keep on making it funnier - I am hurting from laughing
8:10:00 PM consumatron: jsar
8:10:01 PM Pilot: The Grapes of Wank
8:10:03 PM transiit: American History Wank
8:10:03 PM Jecka: haha, jsar
8:10:06 PM whytheam: Pirates of the wankerbien
8:10:10 PM transiit: Kung Fu Wankers
8:10:14 PM Jecka: done, wta
8:10:17 PM poolnoodl: Wanking Private Ryan
8:10:20 PM ImagineBGP: who wanked roger rabbit
8:10:21 PM Jecka: done, noodl
8:10:24 PM Pilot: Thin Red Wank
8:10:25 PM Jecka: done, susan
8:10:26 PM Jecka: lol
8:10:29 PM Pilot: Fog of Wank
8:10:30 PM poolnoodl: Requiem for a Wank?
8:10:34 PM Diskgrinder: LOL LOL LOL
8:10:39 PM Jecka: The Hunt for Red Wanktober
8:10:45 PM Pilot: Wanktober Sky
8:10:46 PM whytheam: Monty Python and the holy wank
8:10:50 PM transiit: Eternal Sunshine of the Wankless Mind
8:10:51 PM poolnoodl: The Wanktese Falcon?
8:10:56 PM Jecka: done, transiit
8:11:00 PM Pilot: Me, Myself, and Wank
8:11:02 PM Diskgrinder: Wankopalypse
8:11:04 PM Jecka: 101 Wankers
8:11:04 PM ImagineBGP: the kite wanker
8:11:07 PM Pilot: The Jungle Wank
8:11:07 PM poolnoodl: Wanking in the Rain?
8:11:12 PM Pilot: done pool
8:11:19 PM transiit: Wank of the Dead
8:11:21 PM Jecka: Gone with the Wank
8:11:21 PM poolnoodl: 2001: A Wanking Odyssey
8:11:23 PM whytheam: The Wanker Show
8:11:23 PM consumatron: wankablanca
8:11:23 PM Pilot: could also be Singing in the Wank ;)
8:11:23 PM transiit: Mallwanks
8:11:26 PM Pilot: also done, thrice
8:11:28 PM Jecka: done, ctron
8:11:31 PM ImagineBGP: we repeat
8:11:35 PM Pilot: :P
8:11:35 PM transiit: Hot Wanks
8:11:40 PM Pilot: we're running out of movies
8:11:40 PM Pilot: Wank!
8:11:42 PM poolnoodl: we'll filter out the dupes late
8:11:47 PM ImagineBGP: r
8:11:51 PM Diskgrinder: the unbearable lightness of wanking
8:11:51 PM poolnoodl: On the Wankfront?
8:11:56 PM poolnoodl: Full Metal Wank?
8:11:56 PM ImagineBGP: good one
8:11:57 PM Pilot: The Third Wank
8:11:59 PM consumatron: wank: the last dinosaur
8:12:01 PM whytheam: The Wank house
8:12:07 PM poolnoodl: Wankheart?
8:12:09 PM Pilot: A Touch of Wank
8:12:10 PM transiit: Chasing Wanky
8:12:23 PM poolnoodl: Wank Bill: Vol 1
8:12:23 PM transiit: Sky Captain and the World of Wank
8:12:26 PM Pilot: Wank Me if You Can
8:12:26 PM Diskgrinder: texas chainsaw wanking
8:12:30 PM consumatron: pilot!
8:12:30 PM Jsar: pilot
8:12:33 PM ImagineBGP: DG!
8:12:38 PM transiit: I spit on your wank
8:12:40 PM poolnoodl: The Deer Wanker
8:12:42 PM Diskgrinder: IMAGINE
8:12:42 PM consumatron: transiit
8:12:48 PM poolnoodl: The Sixth Wank
8:12:50 PM Pilot:
8:12:53 PM searleb: I've got to take off
8:12:54 PM searleb: bye!
8:12:57 PM transiit: later, searleb
8:12:58 PM ImagineBGP: saying I liked the texas chainsaw . . .
8:12:59 PM whytheam:

8:13:00 PM Jecka: adios
8:13:06 PM poolnoodl: Wanks for coming
8:13:08 PM consumatron: wank of re-animator
8:13:12 PM Pilot: The Three Wankers
8:13:14 PM Jecka: actually guys, I have to go too
8:13:16 PM wecontact: noodl, that was bad
8:13:16 PM Diskgrinder: wank you very much
8:13:16 PM poolnoodl: The Princess Wank
8:13:23 PM Jsar: Defending your wank
8:13:26 PM consumatron: bye jecka
8:13:27 PM transiit: The Wanking Gun
8:13:29 PM transiit: later jecka
8:13:31 PM Jecka: I'm leaving for Niagara Falls in, oh, 5 hours and 45 minutes
8:13:35 PM Jecka: wee!
8:13:38 PM Jsar: bye jecka
8:13:38 PM poolnoodl: Groundwank Day
8:13:38 PM Jecka: drunken fun!
8:13:40 PM Pilot: bye jess
8:13:47 PM Jecka: g'nite, everyone
8:13:47 PM ImagineBGP: slowly I turned, inch by inch
8:13:49 PM poolnoodl: byez
8:13:49 PM whytheam: A Cinderella wanky
8:13:55 PM ImagineBGP: night
8:13:55 PM Diskgrinder: cheers ee vee bod eee
8:14:02 PM transiit: Children of Wankers
8:14:02 PM consumatron: meet the wankers
8:14:18 PM poolnoodl: 3:10 to Wank
8:14:20 PM Pilot: Sunset Wank
8:14:28 PM ImagineBGP: Ocean's Wankers
8:14:29 PM Pilot: The Phantom of the Wank
8:14:37 PM Pilot: good one susan
8:14:41 PM poolnoodl: A Streetcar Named Wank
8:14:41 PM ImagineBGP: Return of the Wanker
8:14:42 PM Pilot: The Glass Wank
8:14:49 PM whytheam: When Harry met wanky
8:14:52 PM ImagineBGP: wait I repeat
8:14:57 PM consumatron: the last wank
8:15:00 PM ImagineBGP: you repeat too
8:15:00 PM poolnoodl: Schlinder's Wank
8:15:04 PM Diskgrinder: Brokeback wanker
8:15:04 PM Pilot: or, The Wank Menagerie
8:15:14 PM poolnoodl: Casawanka
8:15:16 PM ImagineBGP: done
8:15:28 PM whytheam: Wankman
8:15:30 PM poolnoodl: The Usual Wankspects?
8:15:37 PM ImagineBGP: it gets harder as all the movies ever made get, well, wanked
8:15:40 PM poolnoodl: Raiders of the Lost Wank?
8:15:49 PM ImagineBGP: good one noodl
8:15:50 PM Pilot: fuck, i'll brb
8:15:54 PM Pilot: this was good :D
8:16:03 PM ImagineBGP: bye pilot
8:16:04 PM consumatron: wank 'em high
8:16:04 PM poolnoodl: Goodwankas!
8:16:05 PM whytheam: I still don't get what were doing
8:16:06 PM Diskgrinder: happy happy joy joy
8:16:15 PM Pilot: happy happy wank wank
8:16:18 PM poolnoodl: Movie Title Wankification.
8:16:20 PM Pilot: wankburger
8:16:25 PM ImagineBGP: remaking movies to use the word wank in the title
8:16:25 PM whytheam: Ren & Wanky
8:16:29 PM Jsar: who saw Be Kind Rewind and knows waht a sweded movie is?
8:16:29 PM ImagineBGP: there you go
8:16:40 PM consumatron: jsar: mememe
8:16:40 PM Diskgrinder: wank and stimpy
8:16:40 PM Pilot: Be Kind, ReWank
8:16:55 PM poolnoodl: The Wankrix?
8:16:55 PM whytheam: OH i did
8:17:03 PM Diskgrinder: night of the wanking dead
8:17:10 PM ImagineBGP: likeing that
8:17:16 PM ImagineBGP: odd image though
8:17:16 PM consumatron: never wank down
8:17:21 PM poolnoodl: It's a Wonderful Wank
8:17:26 PM Diskgrinder: the wank witch project
8:17:29 PM ImagineBGP: noodl!
8:17:32 PM consumatron: the incredible wank
8:17:32 PM Jsar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHHPyTf7gcY
8:17:41 PM transiit: son of wank
8:17:58 PM poolnoodl: Lawrence of Wankia
8:18:01 PM whytheam: It's wanking ... I mean raining
8:18:04 PM Diskgrinder: wank's labyrinth
8:18:12 PM poolnoodl: Wankalypse Now
8:18:19 PM Diskgrinder: it's wanking men
8:18:26 PM whytheam: Wankman and Robin
8:18:39 PM poolnoodl: American History Wank
8:18:49 PM whytheam: Austin Wankers
8:19:11 PM poolnoodl: Monty Python and the Holy Wank
8:19:17 PM whytheam: Done
8:19:19 PM ImagineBGP: done, I think
8:19:24 PM whytheam: i did it
8:19:26 PM Diskgrinder: ok, I'm all wanked out
8:19:28 PM poolnoodl: Wank of Brian
8:19:35 PM consumatron: the wankers club
8:20:03 PM whytheam: W for Wankdetta
8:20:06 PM poolnoodl: done
8:20:07 PM consumatron: i got the wank up
8:20:09 PM Jsar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1B2GRz09hg&feature=related
8:20:17 PM poolnoodl: The Elephant Wank
8:20:40 PM transiit: jsar: think I found it: http://olenepal.org/activities_download.html
8:20:40 PM consumatron: wank at work
8:20:46 PM transiit: Twin Wanks: Fire Walk With Me
8:20:51 PM poolnoodl: The Manchurian Wank
8:21:14 PM consumatron: boys don't wank
8:21:26 PM poolnoodl: Ben-Wank
8:21:33 PM poolnoodl: Wank-Hur
8:21:44 PM consumatron: done
8:21:46 PM transiit: and, I'm done.
8:21:47 PM poolnoodl: It Happened One Wank
8:21:53 PM Diskgrinder: done
8:21:57 PM poolnoodl: oh well
8:22:12 PM whytheam: Horton hears a wank
8:22:17 PM ImagineBGP: it gets hard after all the oscar winning films have been done
8:22:29 PM ImagineBGP: see, we're getting into kids films
8:22:39 PM poolnoodl: nope
8:22:40 PM ImagineBGP: desperation
8:22:40 PM Diskgrinder: very good allof you, I haven't laughed this much since the last time
8:22:41 PM poolnoodl: http://imdb.com/chart/bottom
8:23:09 PM ImagineBGP: that makes it too easy
8:23:48 PM consumatron: wank of glass
8:31:57 PM poolnoodl: Wank Almighty
8:32:06 PM poolnoodl: Ave Ventura: Wank Detective
9:05:29 PM transiit: I don't know how we got started, but a game was played where we inserted the word "wank" into movie titles.
9:05:48 PM transiit: Such as "A Wank of Their Own"
9:05:55 PM transiit: Exactly.
9:06:05 PM cuphate: sisterhood the travelling wanks
9:06:21 PM transiit: I don't think I've seen one of these chats ever been that active. We were getting several a second.
9:06:28 PM cuphate: or actually, sisterhood of the wank pants is better.
9:06:40 PM cuphate: people love wanks.
10:23:57 PM sunnybunny (): Lick the bacon whore?
10:24:02 PM sunnybunny (): How did you know what I had for dinner?
10:24:16 PM transiit: it is our way
10:24:40 PM sunnybunny (): I don't know if I'll easily agree with the whore part, unless it's "bacon whore" then okay
10:25:15 PM sunnybunny (): Did I miss everyone?
10:25:29 PM transiit: no
10:25:30 PM Jsar: nope, just all the wankers
10:26:26 PM transiit: children of the wank
10:27:00 PM transiit: failing that, children of a lesser wank

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Never had much interest in this sort of thing

But got to watch this from a interesting point of view yesterday.

The Next Big Thing

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

And in today's news....

More of the same.

Joe Lieberman maintains his relevance by "Stickin' it to the man of partisan politics and playing both sides of the field as long as it makes him seem relevant"
Microsoft still can't innovate
I, for one, support our new coconut-wielding encephalopod masters.
Reality Television still sucks.


Ok, I'll admit that I'm a mutant that eats his Spaghetti-O's straight out of the can (though it's becoming a rarity that I eat 'em anymore), but I'm surprised and a little impressed that Campbell's has decided to change the recipe

I don't know if this is actually market pressure of "we demand healthier food" or "Holy moly, sales are down, find a gimmick!", but it seems like a decent direction to head either way.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

SMBC Theater

I know, I used to write stuff here at some point rather than copy/pasting video after video, but...you're still checking in and I'm still updating in an less-than-inspired way. Thanks for coming back even with my poor blogging performance (the bar's so low and yet I still trip over it)

Hey, ignoring that, are you aware of SMBC theater yet? I think it's funny.

No regrets

I feel no shame being a creature of doubt.

Way I see it, it's in the urge to question things that we learn, and through that doubt, we work out a belief in things that we can not detect ourselves.

That is all the faith I have these days. There's plenty of things I don't know, but however I got here, I'd like to believe I can understand a little more. Failing that, I can learn more, certainly.

(there is a difference)

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Friday, December 11, 2009

Lynch vs. Lucas

(via Kottke.org)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Another Primer.

Alice Donut this time.

Of course, I discovered Alice Donut during my Alternative Tentacles/Dead Kennedys fandom years, but I still think they were easily one of the best bands to get spun out of the NY scene since the Ramones, Talking Heads, or Sonic Youth. Clearly, not because any of 'em sound alike, but well, platitude, platitude, platitude.

Oh, come on...

Disagreeing is one thing, but really?

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

I say "Piss on your golden calves"

Ok, so I'm sick, I slept all day, and as soon as I finish my soup, will probably be back in bed.

But seriously, slaughter your golden calves.

The feed reader tells me people are really upset that Our Most Holy Frosty The Snowman isn't being treated kindly.

You're kidding, right?

12/9/1999: I remember.

Five years ago, I noted this date. It comes off as weird to my brother, but I still take note of it anyhow. Different perspectives.

Monday, December 07, 2009


Three years ago I restarted my life. Made big changes. Became someone else.

Six months ago, I started doing that again.

My thanks to all the friends I've found along the way, the people I've met, the new perspectives.

You're awesome, you're brilliant, you're hilarious, you're excellent.

And I don't have to be the person I was yesterday anymore.

Thank you for teaching me that.

Sunday, December 06, 2009


First, you should watch this:

Then you should read this

Thank you.


Said I'd quit with the Rollins Band, but didn't say I'd quit with the Henry Rollins.

Just sayin'

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Forgotten Advice

But it comes back.

My Reality Is Better Than Yours.

Exhibit A, Rolling Stones cover of a song written in 1936, "Love in Vain":

Exhibit B, Skinny Puppy, early 90's, "Love in Vein":

Granted, making admonishments about songs nearing their second decade isn't a strong argument, but holy fuck, can we agree that a 40+ year old band could be done already?

(I'm sorry, I'm just bitter because I got into a conversation with a friend this evening that thinks the best song ever written was Kansas: "Dust In The Wind")

Everyone is free to their opinion, but even I need focus on what comes next rather than getting wrapped up in the loop of "But it'll never be as good as..."

Probably close enough

Friday, December 04, 2009

You Didn't Need

Ok, I'll stop with the Rollins Band after this, but the words...huh.

And hey, Request Video!

(better audio quality version here)

words, as the video quality isn't so good:

You turned me in and you burned me out
You pulled me in and you locked me out
You ripped your feelings right across my back
You didn't see that I was bleeding

You looked at me and I saw right through you
You looked away when I spoke right to you

You didn't need...to do that to me

When I touched you, did you feel it?
Did you ever feel anything at all?
Do you ever lie awake at night?
Do you ever think of me?

I've got my arms wrapped around myself
You've got your arms around someone else

I lie to myself.
I tell myself...I'm not down. Down, down, I'm not down.

Some people are better left alone.
Some people are better left alone.

I didn't want it but I got it anyway
I didn't want it and I couldn't get away
I can't deny it...I miss you
Even though it hurts inside
In my dreams, I kiss you...I keep a lie alive

You didn't need...to do that to me

I wrack my brain trying to remember everything I did to you.
I wreck my brain trying to dismember every thought attached to you.
I'm sorry I still feel this pain inside
It shows on my face like a scar, it's something I can't hide, I can't hide, I can't hide, no!

Some people are better left alone.
Some people are better left alone.

It hurts so much when you've got nothing to say
It hurts so much to have to walk away.

Walk away.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Low Self Opinion

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Some of your friends may already be this fucked.

I heartily recommend that if you read this BoingBoing article, you should immediately follow it up with this greatest hit


Considering that my main computer was named "mnemonic" for several years (until it, well, died), I like this place. Somewhere to go for new computer naming schemes.

(via LifeHacker)