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Saturday, December 05, 2009

My Reality Is Better Than Yours.

Exhibit A, Rolling Stones cover of a song written in 1936, "Love in Vain":

Exhibit B, Skinny Puppy, early 90's, "Love in Vein":

Granted, making admonishments about songs nearing their second decade isn't a strong argument, but holy fuck, can we agree that a 40+ year old band could be done already?

(I'm sorry, I'm just bitter because I got into a conversation with a friend this evening that thinks the best song ever written was Kansas: "Dust In The Wind")

Everyone is free to their opinion, but even I need focus on what comes next rather than getting wrapped up in the loop of "But it'll never be as good as..."

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gamefaced said...

i always want to comment 'one of my favorites'...but i have so many favorite sp songs i feel favorite is losing meaning...