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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Monday, August 25, 2008

Something To Think About.

Shared with me by my friend Scott, by way of somewhere else...

I'll admit having a bias to when Lessig is talking, but I really think he has a point.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

No comment.

Project: Too Much Intarwebs

So, yeah.

About a year or so ago, I tried a project in which I would stay away from teh intarwebs for a whole month. It didn't go so well, and was abandoned after a little over a week.

Enter this year's model.

Be nobody (well, more "nobody" than usual) on the internet during the month of September. I've got some throwaway accounts that I can masquerade as if I get hard up for staying in touch with people. I don't have to deal with the hassles at work. I don't even have to stop reading things pointed my way.

Just a month of. Sabbatical. Vacation. Whatever.

(and yes, I really need to clean some stuff out of my RSS reader.)

Maybe I'll repost stuff that I do in October. Maybe I won't. A month off from hitting reload on a bunch of sites will just make it feel like christmas for any activity come October 1st.

hm, maybe that's what's wrong

been feeling a little more malaise than usual lately.

I think it might have something to do with absorbing experience than creating experience lately.

I think my google reader stats lend towards this theory:

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Ok, I have no real political party allegiance...

But watching this seems a lot like McCain is doing the Reagan routine, poorly.

Again, acknowledging that this was made up of hand-picked clips to prove a point, but holy something of something, this strikes me as downright silly.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Bruce Schneier

If you've got an hour to spare, I highly recommend you watch this:

If you don't have an hour to spare, I highly recommend you bookmark it and watch it when you can.

Handy Bookmarking Link

Friday, August 08, 2008

Something To Think About.

Now, I don't know how you feel about the subject, and I don't know whether you care about either of the U.S. presidential candidates.

But, having listened to Rush Limbaugh hyperventilate on my morning commute this week, it's fun to see one bias vs. another. Further commentating aside, compare and contrast.


Huh. Wish I could've found something a little better. If you know of another clip or article or whatever, leave it in the comments.


oh, and for the hyperventilating, that'd be something like this:

Monday, August 04, 2008

Ongoing Dispute #11

So, yeah, regular schedule be damned, a vote was taken and the voice of the masses said "No, you really should do another Ongoing Dispute." Who am I to argue with the popular vote?

  • Youths on a balcony were throwing water balloons at passing vehicles, and one balloon struck a motorcyclist who nearly had an accident, 3:29pm

  • Several teens were seen near a dumpster and one of the teens appeared to be pointing a gun at another teen's head while another teen appeared to be taking pictures. It turned out the teens were making their own movie, 1:03pm

  • A man was lying on the sidewalk, and his bicycle was "all twisted up." 4:40am

  • A caller said there was a "gang shootout" between two trucks and the driver of one of the trucks came to his house and asked for help. Officers determined there was no shootout and the trucks were in an accident, 10:39pm

  • A caller said a man and woman knocked on his door and claimed to be registered sex offenders looking to meet children. The couple were apparently from Comedy Central and had cameras. A city-issued permit is needed for filming, 7:39pm

  • A hawk flew into a skylight and was lying on the ground. It appeared to still be alive, 5:57pm

  • A young boy fell out of a second-story bedroom window and was crying, 4:46pm

  • A small white poodle was struck and killed after it ran into traffic and under the back tire of a vehicle. The car's driver may have been unaware that it ran over the dog and continued on, 1:18pm

  • Two people jumped into a parked golf cart and drove off. Security guards chased the suspects in their own golf cart and the suspects crashed at B Boulevard and Some Ocean View and hopped a fence into an apartment complex, 3:37pm

  • A coyote appeared to be "stalking" a small child, 9:01am

  • A man left his snake in a planter in front of a coffee shop while he went in to get coffee. He came back out and stood on the corner with the snake around his neck, 8:42am

  • A man who stated he was "on acid" jumped on a woman's gray Jaguar and smashed the windshield. The man continued walking down the street and jumping on other cars. He was detained and transported to a hospital, 7:20am

  • A mental ward patient in a hospital emergency room was harassing staff members. The caller said a mental health evaluator tried to talk to him but he became angry and went and "roamed the hospital." 6:27am

  • A resident said he angers a neighbor by feeding some coyotes so the neighbor often shines a flashlight into his house and looks into the house through binoculars. Police advised the caller to stop feeding the coyotes and the neighbor to stop spying, 8:21pm

  • A caller said a female neighbor came to his door and held a large kitchen knife and said, "This is for you." Police noted an ongoing dispute between the neighbors had been documented in the past, 6:07pm (ONGOING DISPUTE)

  • Unknown suspects toilet papered a residence, smeared dog feces on the porch and sidewalk, and "zip-tied" the front door shut, 8:25am

  • A man told police four men were breaking into a residence and he was hiding behind a tree watching them. A dispatcher said the man was being vague and sounded drunk. During the phone call, the man began making "rude comments" about his genitals, 12:22am

  • A caller said a man was touching himself in a restroom on the beach, 11:29am

  • A caller said he saw a man break the window of an SUV with a rock and steal a women's pocket book from inside. The caller said he confronted the man, described as white, 22-24, 6 feet, 180 pounds, with short black hair, and he was "indifferent." 7:34am

  • A resident said it sounded like several men and a woman who sounded "highly intoxicated" were having sex in a communal hot tub and feared she might be being raped. Officers responded and determined a couple was having sex with the windows open, 1:39am

  • A man was practicing for American Idol in the park. When police confronted him he was singing music from the Little Mermaid. He said his dad won't let him sing at home, 3:12pm

  • A pelican was wandering around with a broken wing, 2:39pm

  • The caller hung up without leaving a message with the police. When the police called back the voice mail message said, "I am deaf. Don't leave a message." 2:10pm

  • The caller gave a woman a Bible after the woman borrowed a ladder and lost it, 1:13pm

  • Children were swimming in a lake that was "filthy." 12:30am

  • A woman called a number she found in the Orange County Register job weekly looking for employment. The man who answered the phone asked if she would be willing to take pictures of "you know what." 10:13am

  • A man was driving like a "maniac" and "flipping people off." 9:36am

  • Two large dogs were running around and the caller was afraid they would chase her again, 8:20am

  • A man who had been sleeping in his car was blowing kisses to women in an exercise class, 6:34am

  • Some children were throwing rocks and yelling at a house. No one was home and the children turned on the water which began to flood, 1:47am

  • A caller said some type of oil was in a lake and was "killing the ducks." The caller said their were dead and injured ducks in the lake, 5:50pm

  • A male subject fell off his bike and began twitching. He was transported to a hospital, 3:51pm

  • A woman stabbed herself in the abdomen three times. Medics determined her injuries were not life-threatening and she was admitted to a hospital and held pending a psychological evaluation, 10:16am

  • A caller said a woman could be heard screaming “bloody murder” and saying, "Stop hitting me!" Police responded and the couple said the violence was part of their "sexual interlude.", 3:35am

  • A woman said a black helicopter with a white 'swoosh' on the side shined a light on her and then "came after her." She said the copter had appeared another time in Newport Beach. Police told the woman to carry a camera to capture it and contact the FAA, 8:18pm

  • A 50-year-old white male, 6 feet 2 inches, 210 pounds, with salt and pepper hair, was nude in a parking lot, 7:45am

  • A Port-a-Potty was on fire at a local middle school, 1:30am

  • A man who collects brochures told police he was mistreated by employees at a Mitsubishi dealership and one man called him a homosexual slur. The man said he was not gay but people might believe he is because "he wears no underwear and his butt wiggles." 7:37pm

  • A caller said a bouncer grabbed him by his genitals while trying to force him to leave a bar, 7:23pm

  • A caller said a man picked up a small pit bull by its skin and threw it at the cement three times and then threw it in the back of a white Ford pickup truck, 6:56pm

  • A park patron reported several people dressed as "ninjas" were carrying what appeared to be real swords. The caller reported feeling "unsettled." Officers contacted the ninjas and determined the group was filming an amateur movie for YouTube, 5:56pm

  • A nurse said a patient who had come to a hospital complaining of a withdrawal migraine left after being issued narcotics with an IV still in her arm. The nurse requested officers to make sure she arrived home OK, 7:31am

Ah, summer. (as always, dredged up from the OC Register)

Saturday, August 02, 2008


So the grocery store down the street is closing. I guess it's been a bit of a fixture of that intersection for a couple decades. So, being the good vulture that I am, Manya and I went down to see if we could find any deals. Meat, dairy, bakery and produce sections were already stripped bare. It was rather surreal, actually.

I just kept thinking that the place, picked through as it was, looked like my pantry after it's been too long since I've bought groceries. Some condiments, some canned horrors, some frozen novelties. Anyhow, we picked up a few items.
Next, across the street to some discount store. Picked up a couple more clocks for the "Wall O' Clocks" I'm building in my living room. More on that another time, but I'll say that one choice find is the wall-clock (with REGULATOR pendulum) with a depiction of the Last Supper on the clock face. 8 bucks for that one. Yeehaw.
A couple doors down is a smallish independent bakery. Me, resolving to buy from local independents when I can (or when it makes sense), figured "Hey, why not?" Nothing of interest today. A few loaves of bread, some cookies and other confectionery. Bonus points for not being filled to the brim with cupcakes, as so many other places are these days. Stupid fads.
And then down the street to an independent butcher. Been meaning to check this place out ever since I moved, but hadn't had the opportunity. Manya and I made jokes with the lad working the counter, picked up a couple steaks for tonight's dinner (not cheap, but cheaper, and appear to be better than anything I can get from one of the grocery store chains) Cash only, glad I still carry some.