I like stuff.

Saturday, June 17, 2006


So the cleaning and separation goes on, and it was tonight that I finally
hit the pantry, which brings something into context (and an excuse to post)

Thus far, I'm being good. Anything sealed that I know I won't eat (short of
the box I put together for the girl on her way out), I'm throwing in one bag
for the possibility of a food bank. But most of what's left is opened,
half-stale crap. A 1/4 cup of french fried onions. Only used in a green-bean
casserole that I've found I'm abivalent over: Enter the concept that when
you aren't living through your own nostalgia, or living vicariously through
someone else's, honesty sets in. Trash.

A half-eaten sleeve of Ritz crackers: Even if I liked 'em, they're so far
beyond stale (we're talking years) that it ain't worth it. Trash.

A mouldy half-eaten bag of dried cranberries. Should've been better sealed.
No question.

Just about anything improperly sealed: gone.

Several year old candy of various origin: gone.

Jello: Fuck, I've got no interest in either the gelatin dessert or the
instant pudding. Couldn't quite bring myself to toss them though, so if I'm
not willing to give it a shot in the next few weeks, to the food bank they

Pasta: Holy shit, I'm up to my neck in it. I think I'm going to live frugal
the next few weeks and burn all of this stuff off, the fancy nights just
meaning I can post something as I get creative, the shallow nights, living
off jarred sauces.

A purging is clearly in order if I'm going to be able to continue this blog.
It's high time I go rediscover my own culinary interests

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A glimpse into the rest of the time....

So I tend to write about the highlights of what I eat, but here's today's
consumption in the name of contrast:

Woke up, got my usual morning coffee (three shots of espresso over ice,
topped off to the 20oz mark with iced coffee) It's the iced version of one
of those coffeehouse nonstandards, sometimes referred to as the Red Eye, Eye
Opener, Shot in the Dark, Sledgehammer....I call it breakfast.

Lunch was spent at the company cafeteria. I've discovered that the salad bar
there is the path of least discomfort (after trying most things. It didn't
earn its nickname of "vomitorium" for nothing) and I've found the best value
is to get the small cup of soup and small salad, so today's eatings was a
cup of terrible vegetable soup (I think they took last week's leftover
vegetables and boiled them until it vaguely resembled something broth), but
the alternative was the (costs nearly twice as much) chili, which had a
considerably nauseating greyish hue to it today, so I went with the
sucks-less choice. Under normal circumstances, I usually go half and half on
the salad plate with cottage cheese and whatever pasta salad (also
chock-full of leftovers, typically), but being monday, they had no pasta
salad, so it was an all cottage-cheese day. Truly, none of this sounds
appealing, but I could tell you horror stories about that place (the time I
wrung out the oil of the mini-churro that came with the mexican special
plate ought be enough to get anyone to swear off fried food.)

Dinner was of the frozen microwaveable style. It was the Lean Cuisine
"Sesame Chicken". Granted, I think that "lean" tv dinners are mostly a bunch
of hooey, but it was on sale, and when scanning the frozen dinner aisle at
my local grocery store, the criteria is usually "what's on sale" first, with
"what at least attempts to be healthy" second. The specialty organic tv
dinners (such as the "Amy's" brand) almost never go on sale, so Lean Cuisine
tends to win on weeks that they've got the price down.

I know, I should cook more for myself, reaping the benefit of leftovers as I
can, but I've been so fouled up lately that I just can't find the


Saturday, June 03, 2006


So a cow-orker and his wife invited me out last night to grab dinner and go
watch the new X-men flick. After a half hour of sitting on their driveway
trying to figure out where to get dinner, we finally jumped in a car and
pulled out. Scant seconds went by before it was asked:
"So, where are we going, anyhow?"
"To get food", I replied.
"Yeah. Where?"
"I don't know. The food hut?"
"You like greek?"
"I like greek. I can get my some lamb."

So we went to Sophia's in Placentia (they don't seem to have a website, but
here's the info: 1390 N Kraemer Blvd, (714) 528-2021)

We got some sort of fried sausage thing for an appetizer (I don't know that
any of us were terribly impressed by it.). Randy got the calamari steak,
Leslie got the halibut, I got the gyro plate. Everybody seemed pretty happy
(well, except the "So this is greek beer, huh? Tastes like Heineken"

And for reasons I never understand, whenever I go get food with them,
service speeds slow down to glacial.

As for the film, if you're a fan of either the comics or the first two
flicks, you can probably skip this one without feeling incomplete.