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Sunday, February 28, 2010


Busy Day.

My good friend DangerAmy is in town, so activities were to abound. I'm sure she'll put up a trip report on her fine blargh soon enough (strange strangers, yes?)

Though not for lack of effort, we didn't get forcibly ejected from anywhere. Nature dictated the only dismissal.

The basic itinerary went as such, all times approximate.

10:15: Awake. Basic humanizing functions. On the road fast, easily.
10:30: What should've been a 5-minute trip to the post office turns into a half-hour claustrophobia session.
11:00: Coffee run number one. Me, Iced Coffee, her, Soy Latte with whatever that red syrup is.
11:10: Brief tour of central city. Pointed out a few things now visible in daylight.
11:20: 35mm Film Run at local grocery store.
11:30: More "And hey, look at that!"
12:00: Park in Seal Beach. Nearly forget to feed coins into the meter. Wander around a bit on main street, ignoring most of the shops.
12:10: Notice the police presence and the empty beach. Point out the "Ladies of the Evening" donation plaque. Start walking the pier.
12:15: Announcement that the pier will be closed along with the beach due to Tsunami warning. Take pictures of law enforcement. They don't seem to care.
12:30: Lunch at Taco Surf. She gave Shrimp Taco #1 a 6 on the open-ended scale of taco awesomeness, but Shrimp Taco #2 earned a seven. I'd say my chicken tacos averaged at a 6.5 easily. Tasty, would eat 'em again (as I have before), but rarely crave them.
12:45: Perusing one gifte shoppe. Look at many things. I buy nothing. She buys a squeeze-toy sure to annoy her boss for $1.08.
13:00: Peruse the SB Main Street Gardens for a bit. Pictures are taken.
13:30: Back in the car, decide another Trader Joe's run is in order. Driving back, remember a local oddity, so we go check it out instead first.
13:45: SeaBreeze Pet Cemetery: Photos are taken. People are called. Much giggling mingled with "Hey, come check this out, it's repo-grave!"
14:40: Decide we've seen enough of that. Hit TJs for supplies.
15:10: Home base to get rid of the perishables.
15:25: Coffee run #2. Unexpected added espresso.
15:35: Heading on the freeway to local Asian (primarily Japanese) commerce extravaganza. En route, point out another local oddity. Decide we should check it out after the next stop.
15:55: Hit Mitsuwa. Brief check of the shiny object shops, a wave of the hand at the food court, some random wandering through aisles, I think some miso, some dried mushrooms, a couple odd packages of candy were acquired. Reliable IP traffic has basically crapped out on my phone at this point.
16:20: Local oddity number 2: The world headquarters of the Trinity Broadcasting Network. Shock. Awe. Spectacle. Wondering why we didn't get asked to stop taking pictures. Amazed we weren't asked to leave. Made it through the gift shop. Saw the hall of iconography. Skipped the virtual reality theater.
17:15: Back on the road. Still struggling with my phone trying to give proof of where I'd just been. Hit IKEA.
17:25: Marathon run through IKEA. Buy a lamp, a clock, and a wine-bottle opener. Look at many things. Run into an old friend and freak him out a little after I announced we were trying to see if we could get kicked out.
18:10: Back on the road with only a brief stop for cigarettes.
18:20 onward: Dinner of pita/hummus/tzaziki/sugar plum tomatoes/cheese. Viewing of films such as "Idiocracy", "Hot Fuzz", and "Rat Race". Trade off a couple TED talks.


I think there's been more laughs, more jokes, more oddity, and more just basic fun packed into a single day since the last time I spent a whole day with a sportsracer (Chicago, 2008.)

I had a great time today (Thanks, DA!)

Monday, February 22, 2010

You want to play Young Me/Now me?


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Monday, February 15, 2010

Saturday, February 06, 2010


These things happen. Circle of life. Right.

(and for the record, I'm going to be watching Zombieland later, not American Beauty)


Funny thing, I get the occasional comment from a cow-orker along the lines about me losing weight.

I keep an unofficial tally about such comments in the back of my head. Frequency doesn't really matter, but another few today. Nutty.

I'm a little stuck at around 180. My new goal is "165, but I could live with 175"

Sound silly? Ok, maybe, but this time last year I was 50lbs heavier.

At age 18, I was at 150. Those days may be gone, so 165, great. 175, good.

(And for the record, I'm now at nearly two-dozen comments this year about how much thinner I look. That kind of counts more than the numbers, even with my engineer brain)