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Sunday, May 28, 2006


This one's a couple days late, but hey, life happens.

So I was up in Seattle this week on business, and we hit one of those
fancy-schmancy restaurants while we were up there: Salty's (on Alki Beach).
I can only presume that Alki beach has some reference to a basic Alkaline
nature, and not alcoholism, but I'm not an anthropologist.

So I got the "Pan Seared Eastern Scallops", which as their menu describes
comes with a Yukon Potato-Blue Cheese-Leek Gratin, Bacon-wilted Spinach, and
a Lavender Beurre-Blanc sauce. And that it was. Pretty darn tasty, as I
almost always love my scallops.

It ain't cheap, though, but at least they've got various metal sculptures of
sea creatures adorning their parking lot.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

enter the mundane

So I've been eating frozen dinners and whatnot as I've just not had the
motivation to actually prepare anything of effort, but I came to a decision

A couple garden burgers and a slice of gruyere on rye (with a little spicy
mustard and mayonnaise) is pretty darn tasty, even if it a bit of slapdash
microwave cookery.