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Sunday, May 28, 2006


This one's a couple days late, but hey, life happens.

So I was up in Seattle this week on business, and we hit one of those
fancy-schmancy restaurants while we were up there: Salty's (on Alki Beach).
I can only presume that Alki beach has some reference to a basic Alkaline
nature, and not alcoholism, but I'm not an anthropologist.

So I got the "Pan Seared Eastern Scallops", which as their menu describes
comes with a Yukon Potato-Blue Cheese-Leek Gratin, Bacon-wilted Spinach, and
a Lavender Beurre-Blanc sauce. And that it was. Pretty darn tasty, as I
almost always love my scallops.

It ain't cheap, though, but at least they've got various metal sculptures of
sea creatures adorning their parking lot.

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