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Saturday, June 17, 2006


So the cleaning and separation goes on, and it was tonight that I finally
hit the pantry, which brings something into context (and an excuse to post)

Thus far, I'm being good. Anything sealed that I know I won't eat (short of
the box I put together for the girl on her way out), I'm throwing in one bag
for the possibility of a food bank. But most of what's left is opened,
half-stale crap. A 1/4 cup of french fried onions. Only used in a green-bean
casserole that I've found I'm abivalent over: Enter the concept that when
you aren't living through your own nostalgia, or living vicariously through
someone else's, honesty sets in. Trash.

A half-eaten sleeve of Ritz crackers: Even if I liked 'em, they're so far
beyond stale (we're talking years) that it ain't worth it. Trash.

A mouldy half-eaten bag of dried cranberries. Should've been better sealed.
No question.

Just about anything improperly sealed: gone.

Several year old candy of various origin: gone.

Jello: Fuck, I've got no interest in either the gelatin dessert or the
instant pudding. Couldn't quite bring myself to toss them though, so if I'm
not willing to give it a shot in the next few weeks, to the food bank they

Pasta: Holy shit, I'm up to my neck in it. I think I'm going to live frugal
the next few weeks and burn all of this stuff off, the fancy nights just
meaning I can post something as I get creative, the shallow nights, living
off jarred sauces.

A purging is clearly in order if I'm going to be able to continue this blog.
It's high time I go rediscover my own culinary interests

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