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Saturday, August 02, 2008


So the grocery store down the street is closing. I guess it's been a bit of a fixture of that intersection for a couple decades. So, being the good vulture that I am, Manya and I went down to see if we could find any deals. Meat, dairy, bakery and produce sections were already stripped bare. It was rather surreal, actually.

I just kept thinking that the place, picked through as it was, looked like my pantry after it's been too long since I've bought groceries. Some condiments, some canned horrors, some frozen novelties. Anyhow, we picked up a few items.
Next, across the street to some discount store. Picked up a couple more clocks for the "Wall O' Clocks" I'm building in my living room. More on that another time, but I'll say that one choice find is the wall-clock (with REGULATOR pendulum) with a depiction of the Last Supper on the clock face. 8 bucks for that one. Yeehaw.
A couple doors down is a smallish independent bakery. Me, resolving to buy from local independents when I can (or when it makes sense), figured "Hey, why not?" Nothing of interest today. A few loaves of bread, some cookies and other confectionery. Bonus points for not being filled to the brim with cupcakes, as so many other places are these days. Stupid fads.
And then down the street to an independent butcher. Been meaning to check this place out ever since I moved, but hadn't had the opportunity. Manya and I made jokes with the lad working the counter, picked up a couple steaks for tonight's dinner (not cheap, but cheaper, and appear to be better than anything I can get from one of the grocery store chains) Cash only, glad I still carry some.


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