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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Most Absurd Conversation Ever: "Lick the Bacon Whore" (slightly trimmed)

(amazingly, the bulk of this was just a bit over half an hour)

7:44:25 PM poolnoodl: wank?
7:44:30 PM ImagineBGP: WANK
7:44:40 PM Diskgrinder: waaaaannnnnnnkkkkk
7:44:50 PM Pilot: O_O
7:44:53 PM Pilot: right then
7:44:56 PM poolnoodl: fine, i'll have a wank.
7:45:08 PM Diskgrinder: have a tug too
7:45:13 PM Pilot: last one to the energizer room 's wanker
7:45:41 PM ImagineBGP: btw, there is a kid in the room. Just sayin. Do as you will.
7:46:11 PM Diskgrinder: I'm a wanker anyway, does that mean I can dawdle to the energy room?
7:46:15 PM ImagineBGP: I doubt we've shocked him yet though =8-)
7:46:16 PM poolnoodl: i'm sure he's had a wank before.
7:46:54 PM Diskgrinder: I'm good at wanking, I have a DVD out - wanks for the memory, available on iTunes
7:47:28 PM ImagineBGP: I liked you as an eyeball better.
7:47:47 PM Pilot: i hear "the good, the bad, and the wanker" was good also
7:47:56 PM ImagineBGP: I saw that movie!
7:48:33 PM Pilot: although if i see westerns i prefer comedy westerns, like "Blazing Wankers"
7:48:38 PM ImagineBGP: VP, can you think of the perfect comment to get this thing uplifted a bit?
7:48:53 PM vp: I'm sorry. I'm not paying attention.
7:48:56 PM vp: dragging/dropping.
7:48:58 PM transiit: imagine: a wank too far?
7:49:20 PM Diskgrinder: My fasvourite film is "Hidden dragon croching wank"
7:49:27 PM Jecka: and I return, slightly cleaner than before
7:49:32 PM Pilot: subtitles ftw
7:49:35 PM ImagineBGP: thinking about how to formulate an answer
7:49:41 PM vp: hidden dragon crotching wank.
7:49:57 PM Diskgrinder: One wanked over the cuckoo's nest
7:50:02 PM Pilot: the book was better
7:50:05 PM ImagineBGP: gone with the wank?
7:50:06 PM transiit: wank in sixty seconds
7:50:17 PM Diskgrinder: LOL LOL LOL
7:50:18 PM transiit: wankers of the carribbean?
7:50:18 PM ImagineBGP: bridge over the river wank
7:50:23 PM transiit: citizen wank
7:50:27 PM transiit: dr strangewank
7:50:27 PM Pilot: Wankin' in the rain? or was it Singin' in the Wank?
7:50:32 PM Diskgrinder: LOLity LOL
7:50:36 PM ImagineBGP: transliit! best
7:50:39 PM transiit: full metal wank
7:50:44 PM poolnoodl: Willa Wanka
7:50:45 PM Pilot: ah kubrick
7:50:48 PM Jecka: four wankers and a funeral
7:50:49 PM poolnoodl: Willy Wanka
7:50:55 PM whytheam: the ice cream was awesome
7:50:57 PM ImagineBGP: jecka!
7:50:58 PM transiit: the wizard of wank
7:51:02 PM Jecka: hi!
7:51:02 PM Pilot: 2001: A Wank Oddessy
7:51:04 PM wecontact: The Search for the Holy Wank?
7:51:07 PM ImagineBGP: wished I had icecream
7:51:10 PM Diskgrinder: A wank too far
7:51:13 PM Pilot: (spelling FTL)
7:51:15 PM transiit: the wanking fields
7:51:15 PM poolnoodl: Harry Wanker and the Chamber of Secrets.
7:51:28 PM transiit: an officer and a wank
7:51:31 PM transiit: on wanking pond
7:51:34 PM Jecka: The Wank Horror Picture Show
7:51:36 PM Pilot: wankspotting
7:51:37 PM ImagineBGP: a wank and a gentleman
7:51:37 PM Diskgrinder: The wank supremacy
7:51:40 PM Jecka: Office Wank
7:51:42 PM consumatron: wankenstein
7:51:46 PM Diskgrinder: The wank ultmatum
7:51:47 PM transiit: young wankenstein
7:51:48 PM Pilot: young wankenstein
7:51:50 PM Jecka: or, Wank Space
7:51:50 PM Pilot: ah
7:51:55 PM transiit: blazing wankers
7:52:06 PM ImagineBGP: 2001 a Wank Oddesy
7:52:06 PM Jecka: The Wank Element
7:52:07 PM transiit: history of the wank, volume one
7:52:09 PM Pilot: that one was up there already transiit ;)
7:52:17 PM Pilot: wankballs ?
7:52:17 PM wecontact: Wank Wars?
7:52:23 PM wecontact: was that one done?
7:52:25 PM Pilot: The Wankers?
7:52:25 PM poolnoodl: Wankmando?
7:52:26 PM transiit: the wank strikes back
7:52:30 PM transiit: return of the wank
7:52:33 PM transiit: the phantom wank
7:52:36 PM Pilot: A New Wank
7:52:36 PM transiit: attack of the wankers
7:52:38 PM poolnoodl: Grand Theft Wank?
7:52:41 PM ImagineBGP: Return of the Pink Wank
7:52:43 PM transiit: joe vs the wank
7:52:43 PM consumatron: wank: first blood
7:52:43 PM Pilot: IV
7:52:43 PM ImagineBGP: ewwww
7:52:45 PM Diskgrinder: A wanker and a gentleman
7:52:50 PM wecontact: done already
7:52:51 PM Jecka: King Wank
7:52:51 PM vp: heehee.
7:52:56 PM poolnoodl: The Wankfather
7:53:02 PM transiit: wankface
7:53:05 PM transiit: good wankers
7:53:06 PM wecontact: Mickey Blue Wank
7:53:06 PM poolnoodl: Wank Wars
7:53:06 PM Jecka: Father of the Wank
7:53:08 PM Pilot: The Wankfather Pts II & II
7:53:10 PM Pilot: III
7:53:10 PM Jecka: Face-Wank
7:53:11 PM whytheam: >:-o You don't make any sense!
7:53:14 PM ImagineBGP: Wanker Wanker Wanker (tora tora tora)
7:53:14 PM Diskgrinder: Good will wanking
7:53:15 PM Jecka: or
7:53:17 PM Jecka: Wank-Off
7:53:23 PM wecontact: Wankplane
7:53:23 PM transiit: good wank hunting
7:53:31 PM wecontact: A Beautiful Wank
7:53:35 PM transiit: wank of the damned
7:53:37 PM Jsar: Wankvita
7:53:37 PM poolnoodl: Das Wank?
7:53:38 PM wecontact: hahah
7:53:42 PM Jecka: The Secret Wank
7:53:44 PM consumatron: wanks on a plane
7:53:45 PM poolnoodl: Night of the Living Wank
7:53:49 PM Diskgrinder: ha ha ha LOL LOL LOL
7:53:49 PM Jecka: or
7:53:49 PM Pilot: La Dolce Wank
7:53:51 PM Jecka: The Wank Garden
7:53:53 PM wecontact: hurrrray ctron
7:53:57 PM transiit: secrets of a wanker
7:54:00 PM Pilot: The Bicycle Wank
7:54:00 PM Diskgrinder: The English Wanker
7:54:03 PM wecontact: this is wonderfully inane
7:54:08 PM ImagineBGP: redundant
7:54:09 PM transiit: Wankers: A love story
7:54:10 PM Jecka: The Little Wanker
7:54:10 PM Jsar: *clapping*
7:54:17 PM Jecka: Beauty and the Wank
7:54:20 PM transiit: The Evil Wank
7:54:21 PM poolnoodl: The Wank with Ze Frank?
7:54:24 PM Pilot: Wankerella
7:54:25 PM transiit: Army of Wankers
7:54:25 PM Jecka: ha!
7:54:30 PM wecontact: Snow Wank
7:54:33 PM Jecka: Wankzilla
7:54:40 PM Jecka: Snow White and the Seven Wanks
7:54:41 PM Pilot: Cloverwank
7:54:43 PM transiit: Three wankers and a baby
7:54:46 PM Jsar: Wanktatouille
7:54:50 PM wecontact: I Am Wank
7:54:51 PM Diskgrinder: I am laughing my ass off
7:54:54 PM Jecka: Wankville
7:54:56 PM Pilot: 3 weddings and a wank
7:55:00 PM transiit: Falling Wank
7:55:00 PM ImagineBGP: done already
7:55:02 PM poolnoodl: The Sound of Wank
7:55:03 PM Diskgrinder: LOL
7:55:03 PM Pilot: Finding Wank
7:55:06 PM wecontact: Look Who's Wanking Now
7:55:06 PM Jecka: Matt, I did that, and you did it wrong
7:55:16 PM Jecka: it's 4 Weddings and a Funeral, not 3
7:55:17 PM Jecka: :P
7:55:18 PM Pilot: 3 wanks and a funeral?
7:55:23 PM Pilot: whatever
7:55:26 PM Jecka: fail.
7:55:28 PM Diskgrinder: Casawanka
7:55:29 PM Jecka: ;)
7:55:29 PM transiit: wankass
7:55:30 PM Pilot: i never saw it anyhow
7:55:34 PM Jecka: nor have I
7:55:35 PM poolnoodl: Wankenstein
7:55:41 PM ImagineBGP: done already
7:55:41 PM transiit: I am wanker
7:55:43 PM Jsar: Wankula
7:55:47 PM Pilot: Omega Wanker
7:55:47 PM consumatron: wanking arizona
7:55:51 PM whytheam: You make me so angry!
7:55:54 PM Pilot: Wank
7:55:55 PM ImagineBGP: ctron good one
7:55:55 PM transiit: There will be wanking
7:55:56 PM Jecka: Pan's Wank
7:56:01 PM wecontact: Eight-legged Wanks
7:56:09 PM ImagineBGP: transiit yer killing me
7:56:11 PM Diskgrinder: No country for old wankers
7:56:11 PM Pilot: Resident Wank
7:56:11 PM ImagineBGP: lol lol
7:56:15 PM poolnoodl: WankerCop.
7:56:15 PM wecontact: hahahahaha
7:56:21 PM Pilot: There Will Be Wank?
7:56:24 PM transiit: RoboWank
7:56:25 PM Jsar: The Wanker's Guide to the Galaxy
7:56:26 PM Jecka: I like RoboWank better, noodl
7:56:29 PM poolnoodl: Dude, Where's My Wank?
7:56:29 PM wecontact: Boondock Wankers
7:56:29 PM Jecka: hah,
7:56:36 PM Jecka: lol, noodl
7:56:36 PM consumatron: wank hard
7:56:38 PM transiit: Wank Club
7:56:38 PM ImagineBGP: noodl good one
7:56:41 PM Pilot: Harold and Kumar go to Wank
7:56:50 PM poolnoodl: Wank Castle
7:56:54 PM Jsar: rofl
7:56:54 PM Jecka: Schindler's Wank
7:56:57 PM Diskgrinder: wank hard!!!!!!!! priceless!
7:57:03 PM Pilot: Wank Park
7:57:03 PM Pilot: Jurassic Wank
7:57:05 PM whytheam: Wank plane?
7:57:12 PM ImagineBGP: Wank on a plane
7:57:12 PM Jecka: done already
7:57:13 PM Pilot: Wankplane 2
7:57:19 PM whytheam: damn
7:57:20 PM Jecka: done already, susan
7:57:20 PM Diskgrinder: Wanks on a plane
7:57:25 PM ImagineBGP: bah
7:57:27 PM Jsar: Mr. Smith Goes to Wank-town
7:57:27 PM transiit: wankiocracy
7:57:30 PM Jecka: same to you, diskgrinder
7:57:33 PM transiit: It's a wonderful wank
7:57:35 PM Pilot: Get these motherfucking wanks, of this motherfucking plane!
7:57:35 PM Jecka: Mr. and Mrs. Wank
7:57:35 PM ImagineBGP: dg thats thrice
7:57:39 PM whytheam: Star Trek Wank
7:57:44 PM transiit: Wank Trek
7:57:48 PM Pilot: Wank Trek II
7:57:51 PM Pilot: The wrath of Wank
7:57:53 PM ImagineBGP: Just Star Wank
7:57:59 PM Jecka: Nancy Wank
7:58:03 PM Jsar: Wnak the Line
7:58:03 PM Diskgrinder: Satr wars: the wankers strike back
7:58:04 PM whytheam: Tom Wanks
7:58:04 PM Pilot: The Hardy Wanks
7:58:05 PM consumatron: wankcoach
7:58:10 PM Jecka: Little Wankers
7:58:13 PM transiit: fellowship of the wank
7:58:17 PM Jecka: Wank Machine
7:58:17 PM transiit: the two wanks
7:58:19 PM wecontact: Heavywanks
7:58:20 PM consumatron: the man who wanked liberty valence
7:58:25 PM transiit: the man with two wanks
7:58:26 PM poolnoodl: The Wanks of Rath
7:58:30 PM Diskgrinder: The little wankers on the prairie
7:58:32 PM Pilot: The Sorcerers Wank
7:58:34 PM ImagineBGP: ctron. excellent
7:58:34 PM Jecka: Superwank
7:58:38 PM Diskgrinder: Lord of the wanks
7:58:41 PM transiit: W for Wanketta
7:58:42 PM wecontact: Wank Girl
7:58:46 PM Jecka: hah!
7:58:47 PM Pilot: W
7:58:57 PM transiit: Hellwank
7:58:57 PM Jecka: Wank-Men
7:58:58 PM Jecka: or
7:58:59 PM transiit: Wanking begins
7:59:00 PM Jecka: X-Wank
7:59:03 PM Pilot: The Fantastic Wank
7:59:10 PM Pilot: Day of the Wankers
7:59:11 PM consumatron: horton wanks a who
7:59:16 PM Jecka: Brokeback Wankers
7:59:16 PM poolnoodl: lol
7:59:16 PM Diskgrinder: Citizen Wank
7:59:18 PM ImagineBGP: good again ctron
7:59:19 PM Pilot: Wanks
7:59:20 PM transiit: 28 wanks later
7:59:27 PM Jsar: Wanking Nemo
7:59:30 PM poolnoodl: The Wank in the Hat
7:59:34 PM Jecka: aaah, jsar
7:59:34 PM Diskgrinder: I'm dying
7:59:38 PM Pilot: Toy Wank I & II
7:59:38 PM whytheam: wank - e
7:59:38 PM transiit: wanking zoe
7:59:41 PM transiit: the ninth wank
7:59:41 PM consumatron: transiit: :-d
7:59:43 PM ImagineBGP: jsar - good
7:59:46 PM Jecka: Saving Private Wanker
7:59:48 PM Pilot: The 5th Wank
7:59:48 PM Diskgrinder: Wankers, inc
7:59:54 PM Jecka: 60 Wankers
7:59:56 PM whytheam: the wank men
7:59:59 PM transiit: minority wank
8:00:02 PM transiit: kentucky fried wank
8:00:03 PM consumatron: nowhere to wank
8:00:04 PM transiit: wank thing
8:00:04 PM Pilot: Wank in Black
8:00:07 PM poolnoodl: 12 Angry Wankers
8:00:07 PM transiit: surf wanks must die
8:00:08 PM Diskgrinder: Star Wanks
8:00:12 PM whytheam: wank hour
8:00:14 PM Jecka: Sidewank
8:00:14 PM ImagineBGP: noodl!
8:00:17 PM poolnoodl: THX-Wank
8:00:26 PM whytheam: pixwank
8:00:38 PM transiit: wankbusters
8:00:43 PM transiit: wank bandits
8:00:45 PM Pilot: King of Wank: A Fist Full of Wanks
8:00:45 PM whytheam: wankweek
8:00:49 PM poolnoodl: Who Wanked Roger Rabbit
8:00:55 PM Jecka: Final Fantasy: Wanker Children
8:00:55 PM Pilot: good one
8:00:56 PM Diskgrinder: The Big Wank
8:01:00 PM consumatron: school of wank
8:01:05 PM Pilot: Mary Wankens
8:01:09 PM transiit: grosse pointe wank
8:01:11 PM vp: you guys are awesome.
8:01:14 PM Jsar: Big Wanking in Little China
8:01:18 PM poolnoodl: lol
8:01:20 PM Pilot: :D
8:01:24 PM Jecka: Wanky Darko
8:01:29 PM Pilot: Wanktown
8:01:34 PM consumatron: wank hur
8:01:41 PM Diskgrinder: Once upon a wank in america
8:01:41 PM Jecka: haha, consumatron
8:01:47 PM Pilot: Wankie Hall
8:01:48 PM transiit: The Wank
8:01:50 PM Jecka: White Men Can't Wank
8:01:52 PM transiit: The Wank Reloaded
8:01:55 PM transiit: The Wank Revolutions
8:01:56 PM poolnoodl: Saturday Wank Fever
8:01:57 PM consumatron: jecka: hahah
8:01:58 PM ImagineBGP: jess!
8:02:00 PM Pilot: Dirty Wanking
8:02:07 PM Jecka: *bows*
8:02:09 PM whytheam: Wank Hour ||
8:02:20 PM transiit: The Wanking Movie
8:02:20 PM consumatron: wanking for bobby fisher
8:02:22 PM Pilot: The Lethal Wank
8:02:25 PM Diskgrinder: Whoever did "white me can't wank" is a genius
8:02:25 PM Jecka: My Best Friend's Wanker
8:02:25 PM Pilot: Wankface
8:02:26 PM transiit: The Great Wanking Caper
8:02:26 PM poolnoodl: The Wankinator
8:02:29 PM transiit: Wanking Takes Manhatten
8:02:34 PM Jecka: thanks, diskgrinder :)
8:02:39 PM transiit: Wanking Treasure Island
8:02:43 PM transiit: Wanking in Space
8:02:50 PM poolnoodl: Do the Wank Thing
8:02:52 PM ImagineBGP: Mutiny on the Wanker
8:02:55 PM Diskgrinder: Wankeratu
8:03:00 PM Jecka: Wanking Zivago (spelling?)
8:03:03 PM ImagineBGP: wanker on the bounty
8:03:05 PM poolnoodl: She's Gotta Wank It
8:03:07 PM transiit: (zhivago)
8:03:10 PM Jsar: Wanklien: In Space, no one can hear you wank.
8:03:14 PM whytheam: WankHF
8:03:18 PM consumatron: noodl :)
8:03:21 PM ImagineBGP: jsar - lol
8:03:22 PM transiit: Wank Up 2: Back on the streets
8:03:30 PM Pilot: 2001: A Wank Odyssey
8:03:33 PM Diskgrinder: Dirty wanking
8:03:37 PM poolnoodl: Wankle Fever
8:03:38 PM Jecka: When Harry Wanked Sally
8:03:43 PM ImagineBGP: we are repeating alot now.
8:03:50 PM whytheam: Marie Wankings
8:03:50 PM consumatron: wanked in america
8:03:50 PM Pilot: Wanking in Seattle
8:03:53 PM ImagineBGP: but jess, that was perfect
8:04:00 PM Jecka: hah, thanks
8:04:02 PM whytheam: Super Wank me
8:04:07 PM poolnoodl: Wank/Off
8:04:10 PM transiit: Fast Wank Nation
8:04:11 PM consumatron: wank the dog
8:04:17 PM Diskgrinder: "wanking in seattle" pure!!
8:04:18 PM transiit: Who Killed the Electric Wank?
8:04:18 PM Jecka: Wankerfield
8:04:19 PM ImagineBGP: ctron
8:04:26 PM Pilot: Wanko
8:04:26 PM Jsar: ctron
8:04:30 PM poolnoodl: Wankocracy
8:04:36 PM Pilot: Wankenheight 9/11
8:04:44 PM poolnoodl: The Spy Who Wanked Me
8:04:44 PM Pilot: Wank & Me
8:04:45 PM transiit: Bowling for Wank
8:04:47 PM Jecka: whoever did Wank/Off - I did that already
8:04:49 PM ImagineBGP: noodl
8:04:49 PM poolnoodl: Goldwanker
8:04:49 PM consumatron: wanker's crossing
8:04:49 PM Pilot: International Man of Wank
8:04:51 PM whytheam: Wank Bulers Day Off
8:04:55 PM Diskgrinder: OK, now do obscure art films
8:04:58 PM ImagineBGP: ferris bulers wank off
8:05:03 PM Pilot: From Russia with Wank
8:05:03 PM Jecka: Apt Wanker
8:05:04 PM transiit: City of Lost Wankers
8:05:07 PM Jsar: Run Wanker Run
8:05:09 PM Diskgrinder: Wankerville
8:05:14 PM Pilot: Die Another Wank
8:05:18 PM poolnoodl: Wank Runner
8:05:20 PM Pilot: Wank Royal
8:05:24 PM Jecka: The Wank After Tomorrow
8:05:24 PM Diskgrinder: Wank's Labyrinth
8:05:26 PM transiit: North By Northwank
8:05:27 PM whytheam: Wank Wank Wank
8:05:28 PM Pilot: Wank Runner: The Final Cut
8:05:28 PM ImagineBGP: Royal Wank
8:05:30 PM Pilot: Final Wnak*
8:05:31 PM consumatron: sweet wank
8:05:32 PM Jecka: done, diskgrinder
8:05:35 PM poolnoodl: The Royal Wankenbaums
8:05:37 PM Jsar: Last Wank in Paris
8:05:38 PM whytheam: Wankolat
8:05:41 PM Pilot: The Darjeeling Wank
8:05:42 PM transiit: 40 year old wank
8:05:49 PM poolnoodl: 8 Year Wank
8:05:51 PM ImagineBGP: he he he transiit
8:05:52 PM Pilot: Wank Zissu
8:05:53 PM Jecka: Wank the Universe
8:05:56 PM Diskgrinder: The royal wankenbaums!!!! gold!
8:05:58 PM Pilot: Wanked Up
8:06:18 PM Pilot: 39 Wanks
8:06:24 PM poolnoodl: Wank to the Future
8:06:28 PM Diskgrinder: The magnificent wankers
8:06:30 PM whytheam: Popeye The wanker man
8:06:36 PM ImagineBGP: and all these grown upw will go to work and act all professional tomorrow. Excellent
8:06:38 PM Pilot: North by Northwank
8:06:47 PM Pilot: isn't it great?
8:06:51 PM ImagineBGP: nice one DG
8:06:56 PM Jecka: Wedding Wankers
8:06:58 PM consumatron: wank of the sierra madre
8:06:59 PM Diskgrinder: Having top fun
8:07:00 PM ImagineBGP: it is great
8:07:03 PM consumatron: the big wank
8:07:06 PM Pilot: His Girl Wank
8:07:14 PM Jecka: Transwankers
8:07:20 PM Pilot: done
8:07:20 PM Jecka: ;)
8:07:21 PM Pilot: :P
8:07:22 PM whytheam: Orange County Wank
8:07:22 PM Jsar: It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Wank
8:07:27 PM ImagineBGP: excellent jecka
8:07:30 PM poolnoodl: The Brave Little Wanker
8:07:30 PM Pilot: Wank Race
8:07:32 PM whytheam: Wank Race
8:07:36 PM Jecka: haha
8:07:39 PM transiit: wank city
8:07:42 PM ImagineBGP: the little wanker that could
8:07:43 PM Diskgrinder: OK, can we stop soon, because I am seriously having an aneurysm
8:07:44 PM Jsar: 10 Little Wankers
8:07:48 PM consumatron: a wank called wanda
8:07:50 PM Jecka: lol
8:07:54 PM Jecka: haha, ctron
8:07:55 PM Pilot: Escape from WanK
8:07:55 PM transiit: Escape from New Wank
8:08:09 PM Pilot: Escape from Los Wank
8:08:12 PM Diskgrinder: Dr. Wank
8:08:14 PM poolnoodl: The Shawwank Redemption
8:08:16 PM transiit: requiem for a wank
8:08:16 PM Diskgrinder: Goldenwank
8:08:19 PM consumatron: noodl
8:08:22 PM poolnoodl: Wank Fiction
8:08:25 PM Pilot: Silence of the Wanks
8:08:25 PM Jecka: Wank Side Story
8:08:32 PM transiit: I, Wanker
8:08:34 PM poolnoodl: Rear Wanker
8:08:34 PM Diskgrinder: Resevoir wankers
8:08:38 PM Jecka: Wank Runnings
8:08:42 PM ImagineBGP: transiit
8:08:47 PM Diskgrinder: Wank Bill II
8:08:52 PM Pilot: Jackie Wank
8:08:54 PM consumatron: how stella got her wank back
8:08:54 PM poolnoodl: is it good to have your name typed or not?
8:08:56 PM ImagineBGP: DG well done
8:09:03 PM Jecka: Brady Wank: The Movie
8:09:17 PM poolnoodl: No Country for Old Wanks
8:09:17 PM ImagineBGP: good!
8:09:18 PM transiit: Grindhouse Present: Planet Wanker w/ Wank Proof
8:09:22 PM ImagineBGP: it is praise!
8:09:27 PM Pilot: The Four Wanks
8:09:35 PM Jecka: Wanking with Scissors
8:09:35 PM poolnoodl: A Clockwank Orange
8:09:37 PM whytheam: wank men 2
8:09:40 PM transiit: Save the Last Wank
8:09:41 PM Pilot: Edward Wanker Hands
8:09:52 PM poolnoodl: Eternal Sunshine of the Wankless Mind
8:09:54 PM Jecka: Hairwank
8:09:56 PM Jsar: What's wanking gilbert grape?
8:09:56 PM Diskgrinder: I want it to stop but you guys keep on making it funnier - I am hurting from laughing
8:10:00 PM consumatron: jsar
8:10:01 PM Pilot: The Grapes of Wank
8:10:03 PM transiit: American History Wank
8:10:03 PM Jecka: haha, jsar
8:10:06 PM whytheam: Pirates of the wankerbien
8:10:10 PM transiit: Kung Fu Wankers
8:10:14 PM Jecka: done, wta
8:10:17 PM poolnoodl: Wanking Private Ryan
8:10:20 PM ImagineBGP: who wanked roger rabbit
8:10:21 PM Jecka: done, noodl
8:10:24 PM Pilot: Thin Red Wank
8:10:25 PM Jecka: done, susan
8:10:26 PM Jecka: lol
8:10:29 PM Pilot: Fog of Wank
8:10:30 PM poolnoodl: Requiem for a Wank?
8:10:34 PM Diskgrinder: LOL LOL LOL
8:10:39 PM Jecka: The Hunt for Red Wanktober
8:10:45 PM Pilot: Wanktober Sky
8:10:46 PM whytheam: Monty Python and the holy wank
8:10:50 PM transiit: Eternal Sunshine of the Wankless Mind
8:10:51 PM poolnoodl: The Wanktese Falcon?
8:10:56 PM Jecka: done, transiit
8:11:00 PM Pilot: Me, Myself, and Wank
8:11:02 PM Diskgrinder: Wankopalypse
8:11:04 PM Jecka: 101 Wankers
8:11:04 PM ImagineBGP: the kite wanker
8:11:07 PM Pilot: The Jungle Wank
8:11:07 PM poolnoodl: Wanking in the Rain?
8:11:12 PM Pilot: done pool
8:11:19 PM transiit: Wank of the Dead
8:11:21 PM Jecka: Gone with the Wank
8:11:21 PM poolnoodl: 2001: A Wanking Odyssey
8:11:23 PM whytheam: The Wanker Show
8:11:23 PM consumatron: wankablanca
8:11:23 PM Pilot: could also be Singing in the Wank ;)
8:11:23 PM transiit: Mallwanks
8:11:26 PM Pilot: also done, thrice
8:11:28 PM Jecka: done, ctron
8:11:31 PM ImagineBGP: we repeat
8:11:35 PM Pilot: :P
8:11:35 PM transiit: Hot Wanks
8:11:40 PM Pilot: we're running out of movies
8:11:40 PM Pilot: Wank!
8:11:42 PM poolnoodl: we'll filter out the dupes late
8:11:47 PM ImagineBGP: r
8:11:51 PM Diskgrinder: the unbearable lightness of wanking
8:11:51 PM poolnoodl: On the Wankfront?
8:11:56 PM poolnoodl: Full Metal Wank?
8:11:56 PM ImagineBGP: good one
8:11:57 PM Pilot: The Third Wank
8:11:59 PM consumatron: wank: the last dinosaur
8:12:01 PM whytheam: The Wank house
8:12:07 PM poolnoodl: Wankheart?
8:12:09 PM Pilot: A Touch of Wank
8:12:10 PM transiit: Chasing Wanky
8:12:23 PM poolnoodl: Wank Bill: Vol 1
8:12:23 PM transiit: Sky Captain and the World of Wank
8:12:26 PM Pilot: Wank Me if You Can
8:12:26 PM Diskgrinder: texas chainsaw wanking
8:12:30 PM consumatron: pilot!
8:12:30 PM Jsar: pilot
8:12:33 PM ImagineBGP: DG!
8:12:38 PM transiit: I spit on your wank
8:12:40 PM poolnoodl: The Deer Wanker
8:12:42 PM Diskgrinder: IMAGINE
8:12:42 PM consumatron: transiit
8:12:48 PM poolnoodl: The Sixth Wank
8:12:50 PM Pilot:
8:12:53 PM searleb: I've got to take off
8:12:54 PM searleb: bye!
8:12:57 PM transiit: later, searleb
8:12:58 PM ImagineBGP: saying I liked the texas chainsaw . . .
8:12:59 PM whytheam:

8:13:00 PM Jecka: adios
8:13:06 PM poolnoodl: Wanks for coming
8:13:08 PM consumatron: wank of re-animator
8:13:12 PM Pilot: The Three Wankers
8:13:14 PM Jecka: actually guys, I have to go too
8:13:16 PM wecontact: noodl, that was bad
8:13:16 PM Diskgrinder: wank you very much
8:13:16 PM poolnoodl: The Princess Wank
8:13:23 PM Jsar: Defending your wank
8:13:26 PM consumatron: bye jecka
8:13:27 PM transiit: The Wanking Gun
8:13:29 PM transiit: later jecka
8:13:31 PM Jecka: I'm leaving for Niagara Falls in, oh, 5 hours and 45 minutes
8:13:35 PM Jecka: wee!
8:13:38 PM Jsar: bye jecka
8:13:38 PM poolnoodl: Groundwank Day
8:13:38 PM Jecka: drunken fun!
8:13:40 PM Pilot: bye jess
8:13:47 PM Jecka: g'nite, everyone
8:13:47 PM ImagineBGP: slowly I turned, inch by inch
8:13:49 PM poolnoodl: byez
8:13:49 PM whytheam: A Cinderella wanky
8:13:55 PM ImagineBGP: night
8:13:55 PM Diskgrinder: cheers ee vee bod eee
8:14:02 PM transiit: Children of Wankers
8:14:02 PM consumatron: meet the wankers
8:14:18 PM poolnoodl: 3:10 to Wank
8:14:20 PM Pilot: Sunset Wank
8:14:28 PM ImagineBGP: Ocean's Wankers
8:14:29 PM Pilot: The Phantom of the Wank
8:14:37 PM Pilot: good one susan
8:14:41 PM poolnoodl: A Streetcar Named Wank
8:14:41 PM ImagineBGP: Return of the Wanker
8:14:42 PM Pilot: The Glass Wank
8:14:49 PM whytheam: When Harry met wanky
8:14:52 PM ImagineBGP: wait I repeat
8:14:57 PM consumatron: the last wank
8:15:00 PM ImagineBGP: you repeat too
8:15:00 PM poolnoodl: Schlinder's Wank
8:15:04 PM Diskgrinder: Brokeback wanker
8:15:04 PM Pilot: or, The Wank Menagerie
8:15:14 PM poolnoodl: Casawanka
8:15:16 PM ImagineBGP: done
8:15:28 PM whytheam: Wankman
8:15:30 PM poolnoodl: The Usual Wankspects?
8:15:37 PM ImagineBGP: it gets harder as all the movies ever made get, well, wanked
8:15:40 PM poolnoodl: Raiders of the Lost Wank?
8:15:49 PM ImagineBGP: good one noodl
8:15:50 PM Pilot: fuck, i'll brb
8:15:54 PM Pilot: this was good :D
8:16:03 PM ImagineBGP: bye pilot
8:16:04 PM consumatron: wank 'em high
8:16:04 PM poolnoodl: Goodwankas!
8:16:05 PM whytheam: I still don't get what were doing
8:16:06 PM Diskgrinder: happy happy joy joy
8:16:15 PM Pilot: happy happy wank wank
8:16:18 PM poolnoodl: Movie Title Wankification.
8:16:20 PM Pilot: wankburger
8:16:25 PM ImagineBGP: remaking movies to use the word wank in the title
8:16:25 PM whytheam: Ren & Wanky
8:16:29 PM Jsar: who saw Be Kind Rewind and knows waht a sweded movie is?
8:16:29 PM ImagineBGP: there you go
8:16:40 PM consumatron: jsar: mememe
8:16:40 PM Diskgrinder: wank and stimpy
8:16:40 PM Pilot: Be Kind, ReWank
8:16:55 PM poolnoodl: The Wankrix?
8:16:55 PM whytheam: OH i did
8:17:03 PM Diskgrinder: night of the wanking dead
8:17:10 PM ImagineBGP: likeing that
8:17:16 PM ImagineBGP: odd image though
8:17:16 PM consumatron: never wank down
8:17:21 PM poolnoodl: It's a Wonderful Wank
8:17:26 PM Diskgrinder: the wank witch project
8:17:29 PM ImagineBGP: noodl!
8:17:32 PM consumatron: the incredible wank
8:17:32 PM Jsar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHHPyTf7gcY
8:17:41 PM transiit: son of wank
8:17:58 PM poolnoodl: Lawrence of Wankia
8:18:01 PM whytheam: It's wanking ... I mean raining
8:18:04 PM Diskgrinder: wank's labyrinth
8:18:12 PM poolnoodl: Wankalypse Now
8:18:19 PM Diskgrinder: it's wanking men
8:18:26 PM whytheam: Wankman and Robin
8:18:39 PM poolnoodl: American History Wank
8:18:49 PM whytheam: Austin Wankers
8:19:11 PM poolnoodl: Monty Python and the Holy Wank
8:19:17 PM whytheam: Done
8:19:19 PM ImagineBGP: done, I think
8:19:24 PM whytheam: i did it
8:19:26 PM Diskgrinder: ok, I'm all wanked out
8:19:28 PM poolnoodl: Wank of Brian
8:19:35 PM consumatron: the wankers club
8:20:03 PM whytheam: W for Wankdetta
8:20:06 PM poolnoodl: done
8:20:07 PM consumatron: i got the wank up
8:20:09 PM Jsar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1B2GRz09hg&feature=related
8:20:17 PM poolnoodl: The Elephant Wank
8:20:40 PM transiit: jsar: think I found it: http://olenepal.org/activities_download.html
8:20:40 PM consumatron: wank at work
8:20:46 PM transiit: Twin Wanks: Fire Walk With Me
8:20:51 PM poolnoodl: The Manchurian Wank
8:21:14 PM consumatron: boys don't wank
8:21:26 PM poolnoodl: Ben-Wank
8:21:33 PM poolnoodl: Wank-Hur
8:21:44 PM consumatron: done
8:21:46 PM transiit: and, I'm done.
8:21:47 PM poolnoodl: It Happened One Wank
8:21:53 PM Diskgrinder: done
8:21:57 PM poolnoodl: oh well
8:22:12 PM whytheam: Horton hears a wank
8:22:17 PM ImagineBGP: it gets hard after all the oscar winning films have been done
8:22:29 PM ImagineBGP: see, we're getting into kids films
8:22:39 PM poolnoodl: nope
8:22:40 PM ImagineBGP: desperation
8:22:40 PM Diskgrinder: very good allof you, I haven't laughed this much since the last time
8:22:41 PM poolnoodl: http://imdb.com/chart/bottom
8:23:09 PM ImagineBGP: that makes it too easy
8:23:48 PM consumatron: wank of glass
8:31:57 PM poolnoodl: Wank Almighty
8:32:06 PM poolnoodl: Ave Ventura: Wank Detective
9:05:29 PM transiit: I don't know how we got started, but a game was played where we inserted the word "wank" into movie titles.
9:05:48 PM transiit: Such as "A Wank of Their Own"
9:05:55 PM transiit: Exactly.
9:06:05 PM cuphate: sisterhood the travelling wanks
9:06:21 PM transiit: I don't think I've seen one of these chats ever been that active. We were getting several a second.
9:06:28 PM cuphate: or actually, sisterhood of the wank pants is better.
9:06:40 PM cuphate: people love wanks.
10:23:57 PM sunnybunny (): Lick the bacon whore?
10:24:02 PM sunnybunny (): How did you know what I had for dinner?
10:24:16 PM transiit: it is our way
10:24:40 PM sunnybunny (): I don't know if I'll easily agree with the whore part, unless it's "bacon whore" then okay
10:25:15 PM sunnybunny (): Did I miss everyone?
10:25:29 PM transiit: no
10:25:30 PM Jsar: nope, just all the wankers
10:26:26 PM transiit: children of the wank
10:27:00 PM transiit: failing that, children of a lesser wank


thorn said...

Wow, that's impressive! Though I'm a little disappointed.... no Chitty Chitty Wank Wank?

consumatron said...

One of the best chats I've ever been a part of.

Archange said...

funny as fuck. Thanks for reminding me!