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Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009: Good evening, farewell.

If you know me, there's a good chance you've heard me say that I can't wait for 2009 to end. Been a bad year, but it was just a few days ago that I realized something larger: it's been a lousy decade.

10 years ago, I was sitting in my craptastic apartment, watching the news, waiting to see if the Y2K meltdown would happen. If you're reading this, clearly you survived.

I entered the new millennia with fresh scars of having been with my mother when she passed a couple weeks before. Sat there in my apartment and the thought hit me "Hey, maybe she wasn't destined to see the 21st century."

The Y2k meltdown didn't come. I wonder if I've been waiting for it all this time.

I saw planes fly into buildings. I saw my life get upended several times. I saw my country get worse, and then better, and then worse, and then better, I think. Saw liberty get bogged down in 3 ounce bottles of liquids. Saw my government get choked in appeasing a group of people that readily accept the name "Tea Baggers"

I saw the death of $deity

In five years, maybe I'll get to look back at 2009 and say "Hey, that was the year I got things under control". Or maybe I'll look back and say "That year was a mess. Glad I survived it."

You, I hope you're doing well. Be awesome.

Goodbye, 2009.


boo said...

Happy new year.


May it be better than the old years.

transiit said...

"Im on the phone with you and trying to think up a good comment for your blog."

boo said...

And your point is?

boo said...