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Monday, December 07, 2009


Three years ago I restarted my life. Made big changes. Became someone else.

Six months ago, I started doing that again.

My thanks to all the friends I've found along the way, the people I've met, the new perspectives.

You're awesome, you're brilliant, you're hilarious, you're excellent.

And I don't have to be the person I was yesterday anymore.

Thank you for teaching me that.


Paul Benjamin said...

Do we need to dig out the Transiit v3.5 POST beep code list again??

transiit said...

blipblip / blipBEEP BEEPBEEP / BEEPblip BEEPBEEPBEEP BEEP / BEEPblipblipblip blipBEEPblip BEEPBEEPBEEP BEEPblipBEEP blip BEEPblip