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Sunday, October 16, 2005

My kingdom for real food!

I've been living on soups and generic spaghetti-o's for the last few weeks.

The good:
Turns out corn chowder is pretty tasty.

The bad:
I miss real food. I've done a couple forays into more textured dishes, but
every time I expend so much effort thinking about how to eat it, I rarely
get to enjoy it much.

The ugly:
I've got a bit of jawbone (edge of a former socket) poking through my gums
that I fear at tomorrow's checkup is going to have to be "clipped off" Which
might restart the "no chewing diet" once again in earnest. I've got stuff to
make up a decent meal this evening, if the GF gets home in time. Who cares
if I need to concentrate too much.

The potential menu:
Turkey Medallions wrapped in uncured bacon. (grilled)
Risotto (at least a simple one. I already picked up some chicken broth and
arborio rice. already got garlic, parmesan and peas)
Spinach. (probably my usual method of wilting with garlic and olive oil.)

I confess that I got the idea from a television food program in which I
dislike the host, but hey, it sounds tasty.

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