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Friday, December 16, 2005

Box Lunch Nerdery, end of week summary

I ended up packing lunches for the both of us for the better part of the

Amanda, after some badgering, seems to agree that her energy levels have
been better (after several weeks of lethargy), so maybe that metabolism
thing is fighting on my side.

As for me, one of my cow-orkers conned me into eating at the cafeteria on
wednesday, and I surmised later that day that I think I've already lost my
resistance to that slop. (The BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger haunted me for the rest
of the day. And night. And part of the next morning.)

Forgot to pack a lunch today, figuring it was usual cow-orker goin' out to
lunch friday, but ended up not going. Got a slice of half-assed pizza that
hasn't troubled me much, but I will note that the portioning was kept under
better control this time (I suspect that only 1/3 of today's lunch had at
one point or another been deep-fried)

I can't shake the horribly-domesticated feeling, but I might learn to live
with it.

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