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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Rumination upon feelings of confession or regret

Ah yes, another shot of "Hey! Give me an Idea!"

So this was an idea offered up by FJeff, "rumination upon feelings of confession or regret." Let's go.

The year was 1996. I was in my first year of college and renting a house with a couple other guys. It was a friday night in early spring, the girlfriend of the time was working her job at a movie theater, and my best friend was back in town on spring break .

Us, not being the incredibly exciting sorts, nor really being men of means, we jumped into my car and headed for the Taco Bell drive-thru.

He is certainly a smarter man than I, having ordered a relatively demure combo meal for about $2.50. Of course, you have to understand that he was attending a private school well known in his field, while I was lazing away at community college, so living up to my lesser intelligence, I ordered two of everything (well, nearly everything.)

I learned a valuable lesson that night. The human body is not designed to consume those levels of junk food in one sitting. But damnit, I did it anyway.

Confession? I once ate $18 worth of Taco Bell as a single meal.
Regret? Well, unsurprisingly, that came later...


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Jecka said...

How much (or little?) time passed before you locked yourself in the bathroom?