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Saturday, September 18, 2010


I guess I've not posted anything other than links or videos in a while. Maybe it's time.

In May, I did a stupid thing that got me wrapped up in the court system. I'm doing my best to be honorable about it, and it looks like in a few more days I'll likely know my fate on that one. It was stupid, utterly preventable, should have known better, etc. It is what it is. I'll take responsibility, nobody was hurt, there are no victims, I just have to answer for it now.

That said....

I finally got to see my best friend in the first time for some years back in May. She brought her daughters out this way and I set up the air mattresses for them. Gave 'em a tour of southern california. Beaches, theme parks, yes yes. But what was better for me was that knowing they were just around the corner, I cooked a meal (I rarely cook for myself, love doing it for others) and they were happy with it (at least no overt complaints anyhow) I know the kids were out of their comfort zone, but even camping out in the living room of my cramped apartment didn't seem to trouble them. Perhaps my friend, their mom, is right in that they like me because I'm a nice guy that hasn't bugged them about their chores. Never pestered them along the lines of "Did you empty the dishwasher?" (though I admit I'm evil...if that were an issue, I'd take the approach of "Hey, I'm kind of busy with this thing, can you help me out and empty the dishwasher?") It's been my experience that people react better feeling like they're pulling for the team rather than just being told what to do.

As for the friend, yeah, there's something more there, but I won't let myself be public how far it goes just yet. Draw your own conclusions.

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thorn said...

Sorry to hear things may be tough on the one front, but incredibly happy for you on the friend thing.

Also, the word verification for this comment threw me for a minute... at least, until I realized that it said coctomgm, not cocktomom.