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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving 2005: The Revenge - Turkefaction, Phase 2

So right after the timer went off, Amanda called and said she would probably
be home at a different time than I expected. Oh well, trudge merrily along,
stalwart soldiers of the kitchen.

So at the beginning of phase 2, here's where we're at:

Note that we've got the beginnings of some browning. Good stuff. Time to put
the heat sheilding on, and insert the meat thermometer (I gots one of them
digital ones) into the thickest part of the breast. Avoid hitting bones or
going all the way through.

About halfway through phase 2, I sacrifice some oven temperature for getting
the pseudo-stuffing out of there. Grab a fork and pull it all out.

I like to pull the apples and one of the onion quarters out and put them
back in the roasting pan (not the turkey). Break up the onion a bit. This is
just adding to the once and future gravy (and for this reason alone is why I
toss the lemons.)

Just for laughs, I clocked this stuff at 110 degrees. This is why I don't
stuff the bird. It's just too much hassle to get everything to finish

Anyhow, let's see how things are looking:

Yup. Gotta clean the oven.

Now ultimately, you shouldn't remove the probe until after the bird has had
a rest, but the alarm went off and I had doubts, so I took my chances at
having a moisture pump and reinserted it. 11 degree difference. D'oh!

So it's back in.

When the alarm goes off again, we'll be moving along to Phase 3: Hibernation

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