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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Thanksgiving 2005: The Revenge

So I made my first attempt at making the traditional Thanksgiving fare last
year, and with a couple small glitches, it came out reasonably well.

Let us examine the bounty:

The couple exceptions being the mistake at the green bean cannery in which
the sodium content went off the charts. I didn't even add any salt, and it
tasted like green bean casserole jerky. I ended up making it again the next
night (with careful taste testing)

The other was a transcription error that omitted the sugar from the pumpkin
pie. I double checked my sources, and this again was not my fault. It
must've been pretty nutritious, though, because by the time I'd steeled up
the courage to go have a slice as a "squash pie" sort of entree, it had been
entirely consumed by mold. Lesson: refridgerate that sucker.

So I'm going for the same menu this year, but I'm going to document all the
steps this time around. Should beef up the content around these parts,

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