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Sunday, April 02, 2006


Ok, so strictly speaking, Mitsuwa is a grocery store. A grocery store with a
food court.

So we made the trek to Costa Mesa this afternoon to grab lunch, which in my
description I'm most likely to butcher. Bear with me.

I got the Kaika Don (beef, egg, onion, rice), which came with some odd
little pickled something or other (well, they taste good anyhow), hiyayakko
(tofu with bonito and green onion) and miso.

Amanda got the Tempura (something) Soba. Cold soba noodles with traditional
broth and a few pieces of vegetable tempura.

So mine was pretty good, as it's kind of hard to screw such things up.
Amanda's soba was tasty (although she mixed a little wasabi in with the
broth, which detracts from things for me. wasabi just makes stuff taste like
wasabi. not really a good seasoning in my book.) but the tempura was
reportedly pretty lousy. Either they didn't have the oil hot enough, or they
let it go too long (thus negating any outward steam pressure keeping the oil
at bay. End result: greeeeeeeeezy.)

Only other complaint is that amanda kept stealing my pickly things, but you
can hardly blame a place for that.

At some point, I'll make a Mitsuwa II post going more in detail regarding
navigating the place, especially my experiences from the grocery side of
things. It'll be big fun, I promise.

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