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Sunday, April 02, 2006


Went to Ichiban last night, a nipponese restaurant closer to the place than
say, Wasabi or Tommy's

The food is good, but we typically get more for less at Tommy's. Let me see
if I can recount:

1 Super Cal Roll (california eel roll)
2 orders Tuna Sashimi
2 salmon skin rolls
1 negi hamachi roll
1 spicy hamachi cut roll
4 pieces albacore nigiri
2 pieces salmon nigiri
1 order of gyoza.

This was just over $70.

But if you're on the north side of orange county, it might be one of your
better choices. (although Hana Sushi in downtown fullerton deserves the most
business in my opinion. The owner is, dare I say, a righteous dude.
(Bueller? Bueller?) Hey, I should go there soon just so I can write it up. I
sure hope they're still in business)

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