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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

television surrogate.

It dawned on me tonight (for those that it wasn't yet obvious for), that I've been using youtube as a television surrogate.

At least I tend to be less passive about it, but it does explain why I sit here watching videos of Steve Albini reviewing distortion pedals:

(be sure to look for Big Black stuff on there. The Touch & Go 25th anniversary show footage is pretty good stuff.)

No, really. Check out Big Black. And maybe Rapeman or Shellac if it's on there.

If you don't know who Steve Albini is, maybe it's time to learn. something. about. him.

So after posting the Fugazi video last night, I got a message from someone thanking me for cluing them in (although they did claim to be unhip. In my response, I informed them that the footage was nearly 20 years old.)

So, this one's for you, anonymous internet person, more Fugazi (and only 10 years old this time!)


(I promise I'll stop posting youtube videos for a little bit. Maybe. Well, I'll try.)

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