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Monday, April 30, 2007

Yet more youtube

If you're not familiar with the Portishead, maybe it's time you were.


Strong Rad said...

I love that song.

...and no offense meant, but portishead is just as boring live as I thought they'd be.

Great music though.

transiit said...

It's sort of to be expected. I think what I liked about the clip was seeing how some of it worked (Heck, I was expecting even more boring, where it was just the singer and some guy sitting at a laptop)

But the trip-hop (and the bands that can be accused of the genre) only can do so much in a live show. I sort of expect it.

And no offense meant, but there's probably a lot of great bands or musicians over the years that I could care less to see live.

And then there's some that might never be considered great, but I love going to their shows because I know there's going to be an energy and something unexpected.

Babyland is one of those bands for me.