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Monday, May 14, 2007


So it's been over a year since my last relationship crashed and burned. When it happened, I told myself that I was going into dating exile, figuring that one doesn't crawl out of that crater and immediately jump into something else without carrying a lot of baggage along for the ride. Maybe if you're talking nine weeks, iffy if you're talking nine months. But you're just asking for trouble when the order of magnitude is in the neighborhood of nine years.

So I spent some time being a weird guy, sorting through all the emotional cruft and whatnot, and have slowly been coming out of it.

Unfortunately, the way my life's been going lately, the only time I seem to meet new people is at work, and I tend to think that anything there would just be troublesome (No fishing off the company pier, Don't dip your pen into the company inkwell, etc.)

Along the way, someone gave me some advice saying "Do cool stuff, and you'll meet cool people"

So I said, "Hey, I can do cool stuff! I'll do that!"

I was speaking with a friend last week who clarified it a little (somewhat paraphrased) "Yes, drawing, blogging, music, whatever. But you're not going to meet nearly so many people until you figure out something cool to do OUTSIDE OF YOUR APARTMENT, you idiot"

Somehow, this almost makes sense to me.


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stiill said...

I think the paraphrase was significantly more humorous than the original. :)