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Tuesday, January 01, 2008


I started seeing "Best of 2007" and "2007 Wrap-up" posts around teh intarwebs starting around Christmas. Me, I don't see how you can draw conclusions as to how the year went until the year is well and truly over.

And now that it is, I can give my eulogy for 2007 with full knowledge of how it went down.

The year began for me with a sense of hope that I could leave 2006 behind, and whatever unhappiness, whatever frustration, whatever conflict or malady or obstacle or whatever, would be safely left behind. A few days prior to the beginning of the year, I'd found myself drawn into a most-excellent online community, the most friendly and inclusive group of people I'd ever come across, and there was sort of a sense of optimism about the whole thing. Rather than rambling on, perhaps I should categorize a bit.

Sort of a pointless month. I went back to work from the winter shutdown, and aside from some basic internet silliness, not too much to report. Started getting involved in the spectacle that is "Movie Night" Met some good people. Had some laughs. Started being human again. (Those of you that I crossed paths with in 2006 might remember me being somewhat stunted in the humanity department.)

Remember that online community I mentioned? It sort of went out of control when one of the other movie night regulars talked me into showing up to a local meetup event. Rather than just names and pixelated images, I had to interact with these people, and worse yet, I had to leave my apartment and drive to Santa Monica to do it. Ok, sure, it was a half hour drive or so, nothing epic poets would write epic poems over, but I busted a cycle, dammit.

The journey into further oddity continued. Sure, work was work, but I was slowly rediscovering bits of personality that I thought were lost. Might sound a bit dramatic, but hey, you weren't there. Of course, this group that I'd found so much inspiration from had an event that occurred on St. Patrick's Day. A loss, in a way. But the way they reacted, and the basic spirit surrounding it were inescapable. I'd met so many truly awesome people this way, it had become a certainty that I'd have to stick around to see where it went.

Well, work was still work. It sounds boring, but it just sort of....no, I'll let that pun lie. One of the locals from the community got me to leave my apartment a few times to hang out. Fun was had. Life was strange again. I went back to referring to myself as "mostly harmless"

The usual routine continued. I realized more so that these ideas of creativity and collaboration were abundant when I made the mistake of trying to set up a project to make something for a friend's birthday. Which led to the unfortunate realization how many people have birthdays in May, after all.

Thanks to all that helped out. Started having group IM chats with fellow like-minded people

It would seem now like these months are just flying by, but to tell the truth, this year felt like one of the longest I've spent. But rather than some sense of drudgery and malcontent, there was new and fun and exciting and spontaneity and mass goofiness in droves. I broke my concert drought and saw one of my favorite bands. And I was free of the project at work and working on an internal research and development thing instead. Good times. We even tried to get Jsar a date.

Whoops, turned 30. I guess it was bound to happen.

August, September, October:
Yup, more months. Went from the R&D project at work to something else. More silliness occurred, of course.

Start with a bang?

We, of course, kept on collaborating...

Anyhow, this month changed everything. As best as I can tell, it's for the better. (trust me, you've not seen this one)

And I pulled off NaBloPoMo (but NaNoWriMo was a bust)

Geez, people, just look back a few posts.

So that was it. That was 2007. Except for one specific glitch. When the clock struck midnight ending the year, our nexus of all this absurdity appears to have gone offline. Speculation already abounds regarding the permanency of this closure, as well as what comes next.

Maybe this is where the community really figures out how to be a community outside of some anchor.

Until then, The Girl and I have made a pact to try to live up to the strangeness and absurdity of at least 24,274 of the 24,276 members as best we can.

Which reminds me, it's now 4am, and I've spent more than enough time with this rambling, and it's well past time to stop ignoring The Girl.



Reg Broadchest said...

Woah, horsey! What is that, like 10 posts in 3 days? You better throttle back before people start calling you prolific!

Happy New Year


@Leslie said...

*sniff* I miss the ORG already. :(

Awed Job said...

You are quite the anchor yourself there fella. At least a catalyst. Thanks for the recap.

See you here and there.