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Sunday, April 27, 2008

A new challenge: No New Food

This is my freezer.

Note that it is now officially full.

As a nod to the increasing food costs, I'm going to perform a little challenge to myself to see how I can do.

I don't get to buy food for a week.

No vending machines, nothing. Shouldn't be hard, I've got leftovers aplenty.

But I want to do this because I'm clearly accumulating more than I'm consuming.

If anyone else wants to join in, take a picture of your starting food stores, share your thoughts wherever you normally would, and let me know, I'll edit this post to give you credit for joining me.

Thom from the very relevantly titled Eat For A Week is going to try to go a week himself, starting date not yet certain.
Kali from the freshly-minted Somewhere in the Clouds is on board to give it a shot as well.
Adam from No Fad Diets for Beetles is in as well. Brilliant.
Princessofntn is in as well possibly with more of a photo documentary approach. Awesome. With a shiny new blog here.

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