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Sunday, April 27, 2008

No New Food, Day Zero.

Alright, starting the project on Monday, April 28th. Can't purchase food until Cinco De Mayo.

This was a prep day. Sort of a chance to be able to not moderate my purchases, while still being aware of the concept. Here's the big thoughts.

1) Holy crap, I forgot to give an exception to coffee. Aside from trying to claim it as an "essential lubricant", I might have to find alternatives fast. I'm thinking a big empty jar and raiding my "Why have I been keeping this for a decade?" tea stash and seeing what I can do for some sun tea action. This is mitigated somewhat by point #2.

2) Whoops, I might have the flu. I got to perceive my brain fogging over earlier today, and I'm typing this out now only by virtue of a several hour long nap. Good thing I made a big batch of chicken noodle soup for the girl the other day (who definitely had the flu)...I've still got some as leftovers

3) I went through my pantry last night and found some things purchased about five years ago that I'd forgotten. I seem to have a surplus of canned green beans, and I don't know why.

4) Due to a mix of increasing rent, increased commute, and ridiculous fuel prices, I'll probably be moving in the next month or so. This project was not borne of the idea that I should clean out my fridge such that I have to move fewer perishables so much as an exercise in clarifying my thoughts on frugality and consumerism.

Day one tomorrow. For the record, my food purchases for today included an iced coffee, breakfast for me and the girl, and a bottled water. Grand Total (2.35/20.53/1.10): $23.98

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Anonymous said...

Ha! I thought about coffee too. Fortunately I bought some yesterday, and my friends and I cooperatively purchase 5lbs at a time. The purchase was made last week, but the beans haven't arrived yet. Am I allowed to use the beans??? Also, we always grab a pub dinner before band practice on Monday nights, but I am going to have to sit there like Gandhi tonight. Also, I had signed up to make soup for my department on Friday, and I forgot to buy broth yesterday... I'm going to have to make one out of old sneakers and dirt, I imagine.