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Saturday, February 14, 2009


As I said last night: "Whomever came up with the idea of making valentine gifts as the more personal option clearly did not account for my sense of procrastination"

So it took me a week or so, a fistful of wire coathangers, 144 yards of 24 gauge wire, 24 yards of 32 gauge wire, two empty Diet Coke cans, and a lot of time, but I finished my Valentine's present for my nice lady friend.

The colors aren't quite right in this picture, and it doesn't look quite so "garland explosion!" in person, and it isn't quite how I saw it in my head.

But it pleases her, and so it is what I wanted.

And then this evening I made her dinner. Grilled scallops, grilled bacon-wrapped asparagus, and improvised a recipe for potatoes au gratin (could use some improvement, but having never made 'em from scratch and not having a recipe handy, came out ok.)

I have nothing more to do this weekend, so I think I'll go back to not making stuff for a bit.


Anonymous said...

I do not envy your fingers. I've made a few armatures that required working with wires of those gauges and ouch, but it was worth the effort here!

That is a sweet tree! So glad she liked it.

Ongoing work on a project is like saving money, the payoff is delayed so as to increase the value in some way, hopefully, and I think you did that.

Yum on dinner too. You're a good Valentine. Best to you two!

Anonymous said...

That tree is awesome.

I was going to make dinner too, but my ladyfriend offered to make me dinner instead.

So I made cupcakes two ways.