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Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Job Here Is Done

Yeah, I think I'm taking a break for a bit.

There's so much promotion, I can't keep up.

I'm sorry. I hope your vlogs and blogs and projects and memes and ideas keep flourishing and thriving and running their course and being bigger than you would've expected or smaller than you'd have hoped.

I just need a break. I need to internalize for a bit. I need to think about unpacking (been here 8 months now) before its time to move again. I need to be able to put my time in at work without thinking I'm letting anyone down if I squander my free time. I need to focus on personal issues.

Happy trails.


Anonymous said...

That guy's jacket is disconcerting. Not sure why.

If I had sun or decent non-freezing weather, I would be on hiatus myself.

Stay safe, you mad mad wiki editor.

Anonymous said...

Where did Down with Pinatas go? Shoot! I wanted to link to that. It's a great default blog comment link.

There it is!