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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Maybe soon the bacon craze will end.

(pointed out to me by Gifa)


DangerAmy said...

Oh my lord that is so funny!

boo said...

A little one had it here but is doing well now. So I wonder. If it can be found and confirmed so early and treated successfully, why the fuck is there a huge scare all over?

I have written down the end of April 09 as the date to check when we find out that there have been some massive world shenanigans that have been ignored strategically by distraction with this one.

It smells fishy to me.

But this macro is funny!

I have to look up information about it more to see why people are so freaked out in the media. I swear the news about it reminds me of The Onion News Network. The announcers are so hopeful when they say that there are going to be casualties. Srsly, they seem excited about that. So damn weird.

transiit said...

It's kind of a big deal because it's a new strain and nobody knows how it will act. Considering that numbers have been thrown around that there is an epidemic about every 50 years or so, we're probably due.

But aside from statistics (no matter how many times you flip a coin, the chances are still 50% on the outcome), there's variables at play that we just aren't sure of the significance: Have we reached a population milestone in which illness could spread like wildfire? Is our gubment taking proper measures to minimize the impact? Are we past due for a new plague?

As for the media, wasn't there a famous quotation like "Sex and death sells newspapers"?