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Monday, April 27, 2009

The media is dead to me.

I woke up to find this article in my RSS feed, posted as if it were real journalism. Here I was thinking I'd filtered out all the celebrity gossip articles, but here it was anyhow.


This past weekend was the Obamas’ first chance to participate in the Sidwell Friends School Dollars for Scholars benefit, and some families who remember the Clintons’ support are disappointed in the Obamas’ first showing.

Right. "Some families"...who?
According to a source with ties to the school, the only items up for bid from the Obamas included a signed copy of the Rolling Stone issue featuring the president and a signed copy of the January Vogue that featured the first lady.

A source...who?
“There were expectations that they might donate something more personal, like the Clintons did,” said another source who knew about the auction. “Lots of people were disappointed.”

Oh...right...another source.
A spokesperson for the Obamas said, “We have no comment on this.”

Oh, holy fuck. You can't even give the spokesperson's name?

Ok, ultimately, I don't give a shit about this private-school auction, scandalous or not, but I'm really pissed off that this snuck into my attention. I've been reading about how this administration is a failure since the day Obama was elected, months before the inauguration, and regardless how I voted (I'll spare you my usual diatribe of "The libertarian or the weirdest looking person in the voter information guide...which is usually the libertarian."), this just smacks of something cheaper than the usual yellow journalism.

Maybe I'd have been a little less pissed-off if the previous article in my feed(from the same source) didn't seem like bullshit either. (In short: "Really? You have a small business with an income of a half-mil and you report that on your personal income tax filing? Or are you just saying that's what your personal tax return would be if you counted your corporation's income? Or was it 'that's my personal income but as long as I say that my real income is way less people will say I'm getting taxed too much'?")

gah. off to work...

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