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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Cyclery, Week 3

Not as far as last week, took one too many days off.

Speaking of which, taking two days off in a row turned out to be a bad idea: Thoughts weren't clearing, plus it was way harder to get motivated to go out on Wednesday. Felt better afterward, though.

7/3: 12.5m
7/4: -
7/5: 13m
7/6: -
7/7: -
7/8: 15m
7/9: 12.5m

Week Total: 53m
Overall Total: 150.3m
Miles to go to meet summer goal: 349.7m

Oh, and I liked this...a teenage kid asked me to race for about a mile of my route tonight. I'd already been riding for 10 miles, but I figured I could push it a little harder.

Damn, that kid was fast.

It just turned out that I'm faster.

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boo said...


I always say I am going to keep track of them all one summer but I never do.

Way to beat the rugrat!