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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cyclery, Week 5

Made up a little for not riding as far I'd hoped the past two weeks, with the longest week yet. Getting a little easier, and even the 19.2m ride was doable (though I almost completely ran out of steam near the end of it)

7/17: 16m
7/18: 19.2m
7/19: -
7/20: 12.5m
7/21: -
7/22: 16m
7/23: 16m

Week Total: 79.7m
Overall Total: 279.5m
Miles to go to meet summer goal: 220.5m


boo said...

Look how fast you have moved up in distance! Holy smokes! Excellent!

transiit said...

I'm already trying to figure out if I can do the 19.2 mile route as the new regular ride.

Reading articles on how to operate the gears, as I spend most of my time in 3-6 as it is. They tell me I can get more in (pedaling-wise) if I drop to lower gears.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Why not convert all those
miles you bike into electricity?


If you want to improve efficiency,
the answer is not in switching gears, it's in getting in the right position for pedaling.

Build / buy a recumbent bike with a rear suspension system.


Really nice ride.

transiit said...

I'd get too bored with the stationary bicycle. Part of my routine is riding against the wind, or up and down hills, or dodging inattentive drivers. I prefer riding on the streets.

I'll keep the recombinant option open for the future, but having just got back into cycling and purchased a new bike a few months ago, I'm kind of big on it kicking my ass a little. Building things up by tearing them apart.