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Thursday, November 19, 2009

ok scratch that.

This is just too good.


Golly, we might have to buy *gasp* generics.

(or on second thought, I haven't bought frozen waffles in nearly ten years...)

So, as a public service, here's a decent waffle recipe:

2C all-purpose flour
2t. baking powder
2T sugar
1/2t salt
2 eggs
1t vanilla extract
2C milk
6T butter

Melt the butter or hack it up into real wee bits. Mix it in with the liquid ingedients as best you can. Mix together the dry the ingredients as best you can. Fold the wet into the dry and let them sit for about 30 minutes (gives the baking powder a chance to get working). Cook on your favorite waffle iron. Makes...um....enough. You can freeze the leftovers and guess what, they're just like the missing frozen waffles. Wacky, no?

Turns out that this holds true for just about any waffle recipe you can find on teh intarwebs, so if you don't like this one, there's plenty of others.

No waffle iron? Well, there's probably plenty of pancake recipes you can go with. The truth of the matter is that anything from waffles to french toast can be made in a batch and frozen with less than an hour's effort for more than a week's worth. I'm sure you all have an inkling of this, but I like the idea of the great Eggo Shortage of 2009 followed by Eggo Rations/Eggo Lines/etc.

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