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Sunday, November 15, 2009

This is a primer.

A friend said that they'd been recommended to check out Skinny Puppy. Being one of my favorite bands, I said I would post a primer on the subject here. So, dutifully fulfilling my obligation.

You can go look up the history of them on places like Wikipedia or Litany, no need to rehash that.

But, a sampling, in no real order:

UPDATE: By request, another version of "Smothered Hope"

UPDATE 2: You don't like ogre, ok, try the ohgr.


gamefaced said...

smothered hope.

gamefaced said...

smothered hope.

transiit said...

Yeah, I got that. I'll update with an extra live version.

stiill said...

Smothered Hope!!!!!

Oh, sorry.

I approve of this message.

Also, my favorite track off Last Rights was Love in Vein, though the whole album works together really well. Clearly, if whoever's reading this primer gets intrigued by the vids, they'll need to grab the whole album. :)

Blankedyblank said...

Woah! awesome!

gamefaced said...

my favorite from last rights is lust chance.
and i got shitty dialup at home, sorry- sometimes my comments might post twice, especially when i go "oh shit! skinny puppy! excitement! emotions!" and start clicking the mouse like a crazy person..