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Monday, February 27, 2012


I've been reading a lot of news lately about government interfering in people's views on contraception by way of mandate.

It makes me think of this:

This was the park that my mother used to stand in line for (and I with her, sometimes) for "Government commodities" Low-income households could qualify to get USDA-approved handouts (which, to be honest, were not that good, but met minimum guidelines)...I'll tell you, I'm thankful, but it still sucked.

They would give you a bag of sugar, a bag of flour, (if you were lucky) a few packets of dehydrated eggs, a container of peanut butter, a big box of powdered milk. Sometimes, you'd get a little more, sometimes a little less. It was always better than nothing, and even though my mother got child support, some alimony, help from my grandparents, eventually SSD, it's never quite the posh life, but let me get back to my point:

The thing I loathed the most: Ground pork, in a can. My mother within her means substituted it best she could in place of ground beef. I hated it, but I was fed.

Which brings me back to my original point: I remember being in that park, but I don't remember people turning much away. I definitely don't remember some sort of outrage that somehow the federal government (and all you/us taxpayers) were somehow insulting anyone that perhaps the pork products went against their beliefs. I don't recall any outrage that the feds were using taxpayer money to give the porcine to those that identified with Judiasm or Islam or vegetarians or whatever...

I respect any religion that believes in a thing, but I humbly suggest that if the federal government is really trying to do a good thing, there is absolutely no way to please every person all of the time.

I would ask that if there's something that's really getting under your skin, and you think the government is somehow impinging upon your beliefs, stand up and give another option.

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