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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Well, so much for the suicide pill...

There was a running joke that I'd picked up a cyanide capsule in case I got word that turning 30 wasn't worth it.

Too late.

So instead, I stayed up the better part of the night making something for one of them collaborative "art" things I tend to participate in, but it's sort of topical, being my birthday and all:


stiill said...

Is that coughing as percussion? Nice.

That's pretty cool. The abrupt cuts and odd combinations of sounds contribute to an apocalyptic atmosphere that's apropos.

(Yes! I used apropos in a sentence! What's next on my list?)

Also, happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

30... I hit 30 next May...do you still have the pill?

Unknown said...

Not going to Renew, eh?