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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Navel gazing and other maritime observation.

So, yesterday was my birthday. Some of my friends took to trying to address birthday greetings in as many places online as they could (I'm taking notes of the ones they missed for future reference.)

Boo Already led that charge, and apparently also found a picture of me from my youth. It appears to be circa 8th grade. I was a weird looking kid.

Viscous Platypus offered "Pants on a Stick", with the explicit instructions to watch for splinters. Curious.

The girl made me a cake out of meatloaf and mashed potatoes (with a layer of bacon in the middle) Delicious, and I'll be eating a lot of meatloaf this week.

Otherwise, aside from picking a fight with a librarian, further proving my inability to fly a kite, and receiving somewhat disjoint instructions on how to jump out of a window into a dumpster (thank you, Awed Job), it was a pretty relaxing day.


Anonymous said...

Very glad it was relaxing and yummy. Never have seen a meat cake outside of Shakepearian play before. And that one was a pie made of Tamara's sons. You definitely had the better dish!

I think VC left you something in ongoing disputes that I would like to know you opinion about. Is it real or parody?

transiit said...

Based on the rant about the video game "Viva Pinata", I'm going to go with "parody"

stiill said...

Well, I think it's premature to assume the meat cake wasn't made out of some more... exotic meat.

The closest analog to that cake I can think of is the tasty shepherd's pie, but that lacks the fantastically innovative bacon layer. Respect!

transiit said...

for the record, the meatloaf component was half ground beef, half ground bison.

that was about as exotic as it got, as the cat turned out to be somewhat uncooperative in our attempts.

DangerAmy said...

As usual, I was late in my birthday greetings :D
I hope your birthday was great.
I'm way jealous of your cake! I'm sure it was even yummier than it looks!
Big Hugs my friend!

Anonymous said...

Belated happy birthday, see what happens when you don't remind me of these things...

Cake definitely does look yummy...