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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Ongoing Dispute #9

Penultimate week. Big grand finale next week, unless there isn't. Let's get on with this.

  • A man allegedly hit a woman with a weed whacker, 5:52pm

  • A digital camera and two pairs of sunglasses were taken from a car, but a putter and an Army jacket were left inside, 5:37pm

  • A transient entered a business and ate complimentary hot dogs, 4:54pm

  • A woman said her daughter's arm was caught in a grocery cart, 12:53pm

  • A business employee said a laptop was stolen from the business. The caller said he did some research and thought he had figured out another employee had stolen it. When the caller confronted the suspect, the suspect denied involvement and then quit, 4:27pm

  • A female caller told a Hyatt employee "bombs would go off" if a wedding being held at the hotel was not stopped. The suspect said "14 people in jackets" were going to "blow the place up." 9:48am (note: logged as "Vandalism")

  • A group of transients had "set up camp" in some brush, 7:06am

  • A 12-year-old boy wearing only one shoe came to a resident's house and asked to use a phone. The resident refused but requested that police check on the boy, 6:30pm

  • Lifeguards requested police assistance with crowd control. A man was in full arrest after suffering a heart attack. The subject was transported to a hospital and later died, 1:50pm

  • A caller said two pit bulls were off leash and ran up to his son and growled, 9:36am

  • Police responded to a burglary alarm on a pet store. An officer noticed a bird had gotten loose and noted the bird may have set off the alarm, 7:45am

  • A resident said a man was in a neighbor's back yard and had broken into the neighbor's residence. The suspect fled on a stolen bicycle and police discovered there were two burglary victims. Officers arrested a man after a search, 3:52am

  • A caller heard a car slam on its breaks and then hit something. Another caller saw the crash and said a silver Toyota Camry struck a pole and then left. Officers followed a trail of fluid to a nearby residence and located the car, 1:45am

  • A caller said a bobcat was in her back yard, 9:35pm

  • A man with a hammer was fighting with a woman with a small bat, 9:13pm

  • A caller said two women in their 40s were sitting on a bench in front of a video rental store, groping each other. He said he felt it was inappropriate for his children to have to witness the display, 5:21pm

  • A woman attempted to cash a counterfeit check for $3,000. When a bank teller asked for identification, the woman left, 1:57pm

  • Two males and a female with a Yorkshire terrier were drinking from a bottle of Smirnoff, 1:20pm

  • A caller said two males were selling drugs in a parking structure and an older man in a cowboy hat was "supervising" them. Officers searched the two subjects and were unable to find any contraband. The "supervisor" was a transient known as a "cowboy." 12:10pm

  • A caller said a large picture frame with nine or more pictures of a "pornographic nature" was sitting on a median, surrounded by broken glass. The caller said she instructed her son to travel a different route to avoid seeing the offensive material, 11:22am (note, filed as "Found Property")

  • A caller said two teenage girls were taking off their tank tops and two male teenagers were urinating on walls, 7:00pm

  • A caller said a man wearing a "generic police uniform" baring fake-looking badges not specifying a city was inside a store. Officers contacted the man and determined he was a V.A. Hospital police captain, 6:05pm

  • A caller said a passenger in a Scion was holding a gun to the driver's head. Officers stopped the vehicle and determined the two were "playing with a replica revolver." 5:32pm

  • A caller said a man hit a woman in the face and knocked off her glasses, 4:37pm

  • A man said his two female roommates had locked him out of the bathroom. Officers responded and the door was unlocked. The man called later and said they re-locked the door and kicked him in the leg. He said the women were "evil." 6:32am

  • A caller said a man was taking pictures of young girls. Officers contacted the man and determined the pictures were taken of the man's wife and surfers, 4:42pm

  • A nail went into a child's foot on a playground at Central Park, 1:49pm

  • A caller said he saw a man trying to break into his work vehicle with a slim jim. The caller confronted the man, who claimed the vehicle belonged to his girlfriend and then fled. He was later arrested, 9:26am

  • An intoxicated U.S. Marine said his friends beat him up in a parking lot and zip-tied him while he was waiting for his girlfriend to pick him up. Officers responded to talk to the man and said he was "uncooperative." 12:07am

What have we learned? Oh, probably nothing. At least nature is bringing in the bobcats to fill the coyote gap.

(oh yeah, in case you hadn't noticed a pattern, the source is the OC Register)

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stiill said...

Crap. Someone's eaten the complimentary hot dogs again! Why does that keep happening?