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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ongoing Dispute #8

Just going through the motions. Definitely ending at OD#10. Maybe I'll try to do something special for it.

  • A caller said 80-100 people were at a party and a gang member was flashing a gun. Someone heard a loud bang and said someone was shot. Officers determined no one had been shot but there was blood in the residence, 1:48am

  • A man who had been drinking fell off his bike on some stairs near Hamburger Restaurant. A caller said he was going in and out of consciousness and had a bad injury, 12:12am

  • A resident said a 5-year-old girl in a neighboring house was "screaming bloody murder" and she thought it didn't sound right. Officers determined the girl was screaming because she wasn't allowed to have cake for not finishing her salad, 8:25pm

  • A woman said she was assaulted in a park on Saturday night. The woman's daughter said her mother had passed out on a field after drinking and she picked her up. An officer determined the woman's eye was swollen from a bug bite, 5:25pm

  • A grocery store employee attempted to serve an employee with a restraining order to keep him from continuing to shop at the store and the man refused and kept shopping. Officers arrested him on an unrelated charge and served him the order in jail, 10:47am

  • A resident said her 2-year-old daughter was missing from her house and her husband was looking for her in their neighborhood. Officers responded and found the child inside, sleeping under some pillows, 9:34am

  • A caller said about six cars parked and "gang bangers" and "hookers" got out of the cars and all walked toward a local business in a group, 1:13am

  • Police and firefighters responded to a call about 30 people fighting. Another caller said a woman was screaming and about a dozen young males were carrying a sign. On the scene, a woman said someone threw a bottle at a vehicle, causing damage, 12:14am

  • A resident said a man and woman had been fighting and smashing plates in a garage. Officers contacted the couple, who said they were "packrats" and had been breaking bottles to make more room in the garage, 11:23pm

  • A swarm of bees had taken up residence in a hole in a light pole. A caller said the bottom of the pole wasn't even visible because there were so many bees, 8:58pm

  • An ice cream man made "rude comments" to a man's girlfriend and the man struck the ice cream truck with his fist, 6:57pm

  • Nine dogs were running around off-leash at a park, 5:09pm

  • A motorist said three teenage girls in a black Ford Focus appeared to be drinking. They pulled over at one point and switched drivers. The caller followed the girls and one of them "flipped him off." Officers caught up with the Focus and arrested someone, 3:07pm

  • Two female riders fell off two horses and the horses were loose and running through traffic near the equestrian center, 1:27pm

  • A resident said an older man who was on the board of directors for her housing complex was "stalking" her. She said she saw the man hiding down the street and watching her and he was "creepy." 12:16pm

  • A large swarm of bees was above restrooms near the beach. A city bee expert responded and said there were "too many bees to handle right now" and "they might go nuts and sting beach goers." 11:21am

  • A caller said her husband was wrestling with a "gangster" who he had caught trying to steal the caller's laundry. The man apologized and left on a bike, 1:07am

  • A caller and five friends pulled into a beach lot and jumped out of the car to help stop a "really bad water balloon fight," leaving the keys in the car. Participants started to hit them. While the caller and his friends were fighting, his car was stolen, 9:37pm

  • A teenage boy was huffing a can of Dust-Off, 6:45pm

  • A man in his 50s stole a cart full of groceries and left in a blue Mazda. The man was located at his residence and the groceries were returned. The man was not arrested because he had an "illness." 5:48pm

  • A resident said a neighbor threw a balloon full of urine at her house. She claimed the incident wasn't the first and the crimes were "religious harassment." The caller said the police department "participates in covering up the crimes of her neighbors." 4:35pm

  • A woman, who had been caught stealing hours earlier at the same store, had returned and was attempting to conceal items in a pillowcase. She requested to go into the restroom with the merchandise, where she was seen smoking from a glass pipe earlier. 1:57pm

  • Someone poured paint stripper gel on the entire body of a 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe. Damage is estimated at $7,000, 8:15am

  • A caller said he got in a confrontation with someone and the other party spit on his truck and threw spaghetti on it, 7:12am

  • A man and woman were swimming naked in a community pool. A resident of the complex tried to detain the couple but they left in different directions. The caller and another resident chased the male half in a vehicle. The offenders appeared to be drunk, 7:59pm

  • A woman said one homeless person was engaging in lewd activity with another homeless person. Officers responded and a "belligerent" woman began yelling. She refused to allow the officers to investigate. The woman may have been the caller, 2:25pm

  • A caller said four young males on their way to school pelted his house with peaches. He said the vandalism was an ongoing problem, 8:11am (WINNER. ONGOING DISPUTE REFERENCE.)

  • There were bees covering a bike near the lifeguard headquarters on the service road. The police said if the boy, the owner of the bike, sprays the bees with anything but water they will start stinging people.

  • A man was masturbating in the cab of a truck and had been there for about 40 minutes. The caller could see the truck from her kitchen window, 2:30pm

  • Near the bike area, a bike and helmet were completely covered in bees. There were about 500 bees, 2:26pm

  • A male transient was punching the air and dropped his pants when a woman rode by on her bike, 10:16am

  • A woman was stealing cookies and an energy bar from a store. She gave it back when confronted and left yelling and swearing. She was also seen at 7-11, Walgreens and Wal-Mart, 9:30am

  • An employee called to say that they have been receiving threats because they did not let a 5-year-old boy used the restroom. The boy was not allowed in the bathroom because of insurance restrictions, 9:08am (you may have read of this elsewhere)

  • The caller said her house had been egged and forked and there was toilet paper, mustard and mayonnaise all over. This was the sixth time it had occured in three weeks.The family had installed cameras after the first time it happened, 9:02am

And so it was. Don't get me started on that 5-year-old vs. public restrooms thing. I've been to that place. It's a stinking mall with lots of public restrooms. Definitely nothing to phone in threats over.

As for that whole missing bees debacle the last few years, it looks like they've been found. If anyone asks, I'm going to say the weird coyote (R.I.P.) was helping keep them in check.

(as always, source: OC Register)

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stiill said...

Wow. Those bees ate the whole cyclist, bones and all.

"Hamburger Restaurant"? Straightforward.