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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ongoing Dispute #7

I think whatever point I was trying to make was made back around OD#2, so I think I'll stop doing this soon. Maybe OD#10. Dunno.

  • Two people with knives were getting ready to fight at a family picnic. They were split up and went different ways. One suspect was described as being in his 20s, wearing a black baseball cap and Spider-Man swim trunks, 8:10pm

  • A bicyclist struck a bus stop sign and may have suffered head injuries, 9:11pm

  • A caller reported bees in a city tree next to his residence, 1:05pm

  • A male juvenile ran into One Stop Smoke Shop and stole a bong, 12:43pm

  • Two men took four tires from a business and threw them in the back of a red Dodge Ram 2500. The caller managed to pull the tires out of the truck before it took off, 12:13pm

  • Police recalled a 911 hang-up call, and a man said a 1-year-old baby was locked inside a car, 11:34am

  • A bicyclist may have broken some bones after falling in front of the pier, 7:39am

  • A man exposed himself to a female jogger. The jogger said the man was wearing shorts and construction boots "like a gardener", 7:19am

  • A couple was seen having sex near a playground area, 6:23pm

  • A car struck a child on a bicycle. The child was taken to a hospital to be treated for "minor head trauma and abrasions.", 5:58pm

  • A caller said a pouch that contained $25,000 in cash was stolen from a bag after it was left unattended at a golf course. The caller suspected two golf car attendants of the theft. Police arrived and took the attendants into custody, 5:49pm

  • A 5-year-old had a head injury at Dog Beach, 1:18pm

  • A 5-year-old child was struck by a car in a cemetery parking lot but was not injured, 9:20am

  • A caller reported an employee had stolen $25,000-$40,000 in lottery tickets, 2:10pm

  • A woman wanted to withdraw $1 million in $1 bills, but only had $100 in her bank account. She was "bobbling her head, wandering around, writing on pieces of paper" and "finger jabbing." The bank reached the woman's husband, who said she was bipolar, 10:54am

  • A car struck a Chihuahua, killing it, and left the scene, 10:35am

  • A caller said his mother's boyfriend, whom he described as a "tweaker," had rammed his car into the back of his mother's car during an argument, 10:14am

  • A resident said she saw a strange man lurking around her kitchen window. She said he was leaning over a ledge looking into her window and moved away when he realized she'd noticed him. The caller said her husband had seen the same man earlier, 8:04am

  • A taxi driver said the driver of a gray SUV was slumped over the steering wheel. Officers contacted the driver and discovered he was 18 years old and had passed out. Police said he was not intoxicated and called his mother to pick him up, 3:32am

  • Five male teenagers were seen urinating in a strip mall and playing loud music from a gold Jeep, 8:07pm

  • One man was choking another at a car wash, 1:36pm

  • A man was walking around with a golf club and swinging it at passing cars, 11:47am

  • A resident said he noticed a man walking diagonally in a "weird pattern" through a housing tract. The caller said the man looked out of place and resembled a man wanted for murder in Oklahoma, 7:32am

  • Cars were swerving to avoid a dead coyote in the road, 5:40am

  • A resident said a 17-year-old girl and a male friend were outside and the girl was crying. An officer determined the girl was intoxicated and had been at an area party. A friend was supposed to pick her up but did not show up. Officers took her home, 2:48am

  • A resident of a mobile home park told police someone had started a fire in a bathroom near a pool. The caller was able to put the flames out with a garden hose, 9:17pm

Let us all take a moment to grieve our lost friend, the weird-acting coyote.

Once again, the source was the OC Register

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