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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Compare and Contrast.

First, take a look at this collection of pictures of the recent flooding in the midwest

And then read this article about the Associated Press' new licensing policy for bloggers

I don't know how the rest of you feel about the freeness of information, but I have little sympathy for any organization that believes that as little as five words quoted requires payment. It spits in the eye of fair use, and it just makes a mockery of what copyright intended.

So in my moment of civil disobedience for the night, here's four words from a random AP story:

"policy decisions were vetted"

And you know, I think this time I'm not going to do them the courtesy of linking back to the original story.


stiill said...

I'll go you three better:

"that probably the most productive way to"

Damn, I hope you and I don't get sued. Maybe I should post this anonymously.

transiit said...

Are you crazy? I can't afford the $300k they seek for wanton infringement like that.


I should really delete your comment before they see it.