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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


New! Firefox 3! Version 2!


Anonymous said...

No doubt. I am pissed. They wanted a record and they supposedly prepared for this, but NO!

I downloaded the and will see if that is it, but I'm betting it isn't. Grr.

Anonymous said...

Well, they sent a link through e-mail that worked okay. So far there are changes that I really like and it is much faster.

One problem though and for me it is only big for a few days. It is hideously ugly. Apple did this with Leopard. They changed something that had a beautiful design and turned it into crap to look at. I still can't get over that one so I haven't switched yet (plus no less than three people have told me it took too long and was too complicated). I will wait until they unsuck that deal I guess.

The FF3 though, while really very unattractive and unfriendly to may delicious bookmarks and stumble upon, is quite quick and it asks me considerate things.

What do you think of it?

And why do you think aesthetics in tech have taken like a mile of steps backward?

I'm sure there is a way to modify the appearance.

transiit said...

so far, I like it. I'm getting used to the theme, though I might check out some other skins. Too many weird gaps between tabs, weird text highlights in UI elements...

The problem with UI design is largely that users are basically pretty dumb. They want fancy. And places like Apple will give them pinstriped crap or brushed aluminum crap to appease them, even if it makes zero sense for functionality or usability. "It just looks kewl."

Granted, I tend to a more minimalistic approach.

As far as switching went for me, I closed ff2, dragged the ff3 to my apps folder, and restarted. Pretty simple.

Oh, and I hate the new location bar. I read so much stuff, having it try to predict things based on my history means that I get almost nothing useful in the first few hits. There's some arcane setting to switch it back, but I'm feeling lazy right now.