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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Waffle Iron vs. French Toast.

Ok, so I got this idea a couple weeks back from this article, but didn't get around to trying it today.

Didn't actually follow any instructions, just made my standard french toast recipe and went with it.

I prefer about the following ratios, you might know better. 2 slices of standard white bread:1 egg: 1/3rd cup milk:splash vanilla extract. I never measure these things, but at least slice-'o-white-bread and eggs are easy enough to measure.

The bread had been getting stale for some time, and I tend to prefer it that way. Made up a batch of six slices last night, put 'em in a casserole dish, poured the egg/milk/vanilla mixture over the top, wrapped, and let 'em soak.

A couple slices were made this morning in the traditional pan-fry method.

french toast
The remaining four slices couldn't sit in the fridge forever.

So, with a little butter on the waffle iron: waffle iron french toast

Quickly decided I could've used the flat iron plates for a more aesthetic approach:
waffle iron french toast

waffle iron french toast

Ready to pull:
waffle iron french toast.

waffle iron french toast

Half the batch went into the freezer. I can eat those for breakfast this week after a quick spin through the toaster.

Otherwise, I'm going to tuck in to the rest. A brief sampling said that even if it had the look of a waffle, the interior texture was right. I'd call it a success.


Jecka said...

Uh... yum... I really want to make these!

Anonymous said...

Trust me, you want to use the waffley plates. Better texture that way.

stiill said...

Did you find it superior to regular french toast and/or waffles, or just different?

transiit said...

Similar quality level to regular french toast. Significantly less attention required during cooking, though.