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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Quote of the day.

"Viral marketing connects people with nothing to say to people with nothing to do. Ideally, in an abattoir or a deep, tar-filled ravine."

-Merlin Mann (via Twitter)


Anonymous said...

That term viral is so loathed now. I saw that Vimeo vid that Stride gum sponsored. The guy dancing all over the world. They want it to be viral, but they know in order to do so they have to touch something within people that is already there waiting.

I wouldn't say people have nothing to do. I would say that they are waiting, nay, anticipating. In this state they are primed to attach to almost anything that jibes a little the right way. So much so that they are willing to overlook flaws but only for so long and then the virus dies. Stopped by the very awareness that taunts those waiting.

I am more interested in what they are waiting for and why they cannot reach out and fiddle with the clock.

Hey, this Merlin Mann. I used to follow him. Does he make you laugh often? Maybe I should follow again. I dropped that other sanfran nabob, whatshisname, nick I think. He kept making me miss my gender switched friends. No to be stereotypical but they had a wit sharper than puppy teeth. He had that sometimes, but he lacked the empathy.

Ok. I rambled. Sorry!

transiit said...

Mann has been rambling most of the week about some service that kept sending out spammy text message invites. So it's a bit hit or miss, quality-wise.

I've some tolerance for introducing noise (not like I've posted a lot of groundbreaking epiphanies), but I usually only drop people when they hit an annoyance level. (the most recent was a minute-by-minute account of a pro wrestling match. Drowned out everything else.) Twitter is pointless and flaky enough as it is.

Anonymous said...

I would like to now recount our first meeting.

You were six. Your goggles were slipping down your face and you were hard at work making homemade rust.

I walked over to you and asked if you had your tetanus shot and you said, "No. What did he do this time?"

From then on I was resolute about two things. I wanted to know you when you got older and that I would never babysit for you. There is not enough insurance in the world.

Most might not understand that the last part is the highest compliment I can give. But it is.

Happy birthday!