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Sunday, October 19, 2008


So I just read THIS

I guess it's just one perspective, but it strikes me as the same symptom of the crap I've been railing about for years: our culture has opted for short term profit over long term health and it's going to bite us in the ass.

Dot-com economics: Who cares what their business model is? Their stock is hot! Let's get it now and cash out at the peak..er soon...er...crap

Enron: Everyone I hear says great things about them. They're the hottest investment around..er..they did what to their numbers?

Housing Market: Oh, everyone knows that housing prices will never go down. This is why you have to buy now because if you don't buy now you'll miss out on your chance to ever...oh...crap...

As far as oil goes, I have no direct experience in petrology (AND NEITHER DO MOST OF THE PEOPLE INVESTING IN IT), but what little I do know is that as we know it today, it is not a readily renewable resource. It's just a gamble, do we run out sooner or later, right?

So, hey, can we just stop thinking a bit about tomorrow and start thinking in terms of next year? I'm certainly glad that gas has gone down from ~4.50/gallon to ~3.50 (as of the last time I filled up a few days ago), but is that temporary relief really so anesthetizing to say "Oh, good, it wasn't a problem after all."?


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