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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The last debate of 2008

Ok, I'm fine with you saying I cherry-picked a moment, but I think this kind of summed up the experience for me.

My take is that Obama did no better or worse than he did in the first two debates...pretty consistent. McCain went for a more feisty approach, but it struck me as pandering to his base.

In modern politics, though, image is everything. I can't believe that both candidates haven't been coached endlessly on kinesthetics and appropriating the correct posture/reaction/whatever at all times.

This was not it.


This certainly did not aid in my opinion of Senator McCain:

And, of course, a study in taking it seriously

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Anonymous said...

My darling--I have forgotten my phone. CRAP. *sigh* Anyway, I will try to check your blog and my livejournal acct for messages, but I assume we are doing bookstore pickup tonight? It was weird--I looked around my room this morning; I knew there was something I was forgetting, but it wasn't until I was irritated at some woman on the bus who was talking too loudly on her phone that remembered that I not only left my phone behind, but I left my favorite necklace behind as well.

Arrrgh. I love you.