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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Thank you.

It has been noted that 17 years ago today the world first saw Linux

Almost exactly five years after that, I installed a linux distribution for the first time.

I just want to say thank you. Thank you, Linus, for giving us this thing, and helping care for it all these years. Thank you to the early adopters for helping it be something a little bit more than other similar projects. Thank you to the people that started making linux distributions and packaging things such that they were all in one place. Thank you to all the developers that have contributed over the years. Thank you to all of the users that found bugs, made requests, advocated to others and trudged on even when it seemed rough. Thank you to everyone that's contributed to documentation. Thank you to the people that have kept a wary eye in the name of legal concerns.

Thank you, all.

Linux has taught me much about how my computer operates. Linux has given me an amazing toolchain for building new things. Linux introduced me to Free Software and Open Source.

These things helped me land my current job. They make me a better programmer. They solve problems for me.

Thank you.

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