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Saturday, November 08, 2008

alright, I went too far.

I probably shouldn't have dropped the f-bomb a few times. I probably shouldn't have referred to people that were excited by his ideas as shitheads.

I watched another in the spirit of being reasoned, thoughtful in my response, and I realized that I didn't appropriately recognize the tactics he was portraying. It's like a bad infomercial, stealing the style of a certain cable-news pundit (minus the triggered sound effects), appealing to an underdog spirit that if you watch his routine, that you're fighting against the status quo.

Look, I think the internet has opened up larger audiences for anyone that wants to be heard. You're reading this, right?

I'll leave it that. I might watch a few more of these things to see if he gets frenetic enough to invoke an aneurysm, but the thing I should've said instead of getting caught up in the emotion of it....caveat emptor. (watch for the air quotes)

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