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Saturday, November 08, 2008


Every once in a while somebody asks me who my favorite author is, or my favorite movie, or my favorite food, or whatnot.

I usually dodge the question because I don't have many favorites, and the ones I internally think of, well, it's complicated (my favorite author writes books that I struggle to read, usually spending most of the time trudging through, but when the payoff happens, it's so good I forget the beginning drudgery.)

My base state is that life is too complex to have many favorites, but I got to thinking about it a little bit ago, and I'm willing to state my favorite album. "Disintegration" by The Cure. I can't say I care much about them as a band, I'm surprised they're still doing their thing. I have little interest in their larger body of work.

But put in the context of "Stuck on a desert island, you can only listen to this one thing", it'd be the one I'd take with me.


Deanna said...

yes! that's a good one. my favorites change from day to day, so i can relate...

stiill said...

Favorite or not, music recs are always welcome. I hadn't listened to that album in a while, so I'm enjoying it right now.